Tips On How To Maintain Your Old Car


Nowadays, there is a wide range of car models, designs, and types that you can choose. All of them are equipped with modern engine system and some of them even come with sophisticated technology. But there are many people who prefer to buy or stay using their old vehicles. Some antique lovers are even looking for old cars to be added to their collections. For old car enthusiasts, the aesthetic value and uniqueness of the cars are more important than the technology with which they come. If you are interested to buy an old car, you should understand that it certainly is equipped with old engines too. Thus, the way you should treat the old car is not the same as what you should do when dealing with a new car.

You need to know how to maintain your old car. Actually, it is not too difficult to take care of old cars. For you who own old cars, we provide some tips on how to maintain your old car so that it can keep giving its best performance.

Regularly checking the engine

Something that must be done by the owners of old cars is to check them regularly. Do not hesitate to do the tune-up routine. If you feel your car’s engine performance is declining, you can tune up yourself or take it to the workshop. Tuning up will make your old car always in its top condition. You should also need to check other important components, and if you find a damage component, you should immediately replace it with a new component.

Covering the Car Seat

Just like the dashboard, the car seat is the part that most often suffers severe damage. You, as a driver, probably find it hard to prevent any scratch or dirt from damaging your seat. The step to prevent the original seat from damage is to use a cover. Besides providing protection on your car seat, this additional cover can add comfort. Choose a car seat made of soft and comfortable material to make it more comfortable when driving with your old car.

Checking the oil and fuel

Old car engines that have been used for more than 10 years require extra oil intake so that performance is maintained. Theoretically, the old car oil should be regularly replaced every 2500 km. If you do as it is suggested, the engine emission level can be reduced and ease the burden on the performance of your car’s engine. Also, you need to be sure to choose a high-quality fuel. High-quality fuel content will maintain the performance of your old car engine to keep it clean and not easily leak.

Keeping it away from direct sunlight

Old cars are vulnerable to sunlight. It would be nice if your old car is protected from the direct sunlight, especially in the long term. If the car storage is exposed to sunlight, then you have to use a car cover that covers all parts of the car. Direct exposure to sunlight can make the color of the car fade and more rusty.

Paying attention to car wheels and tires

Tires are an important component in a car vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of your car tires regularly and periodically. Thin car tires can cause an accident and it is very dangerous. You shouldn’t also forget to check your car’s tire pressure. Wind pressure on your car tire is one of the important factors in driving safety. You should at least do the inspection once a month.

Cleaning the car regularly

Not only cleaning the body of the car, but you also have to clean up to all parts of the car that you can reach. You can clean your car once a week using a wet cloth or by spraying. Avoid using detergent to wash the car because the ingredients of the detergent can damage the color of the car. Instead, you should use special shampoo for the car. And before washing, make sure there are no parts of the car that are leaking and prone to water. By cleaning regularly, of course, this will add to your comfort in driving your old car. In addition, you will be able to find other problems that may exist in your old car and can immediately fix them. If you do the tips on how to maintain your old car as suggested, you do not need to worry when you have to go on a long trip by riding it.