Games that Can Increase Your Logic & Memory


Each person is blessed with different levels of intelligence. But, it does not mean that you cannot improve your intelligence. Just like other skills, intelligence can also be trained and improved. Do you believe that one fun way to increase and improve intelligence is by playing games? It is because in several games, you are presented with a simulation of daily issues that you need to solve by using logic, accuracy, memory, and even mathematics. So, playing games is not only a way to have fun but also a way to train and improve your intelligence.

What are those games that can increase and improve your logic and memory? Here they are.


Lumosity is not an ordinary game because this game is designed by neuroscientist experts from various famous institutions in the world. The purpose of this game is to increase memory, speed, and various aspects of intelligence. In Lumosity, you will be presented with various types of games that you can play according to the intelligence aspect that you want to develop. For example, if you want to train your memory, you will be given suitable games. You are able to play this game for free, with 3 games per day. But if you choose the premium one, you will be able to play more games.

You can also see your intelligence tracking while playing this game. So, you are able to monitor whether your intelligence is developing and improving, or staying in the place instead. The unique thing about Lumosity is that this game can remind you to do brain exercises for 15 minutes every day.


The point of this game is you are required to solve a situation by using your logic and imagination. You will face a series of problems that you have to solve. For example, there is a kitten getting trapped on the roof. You will be required to help the kitten by using the available objects. You are able to use almost all of objects, you just have to type the name. For instance, you can use a helicopter to get on the roof and save the kitten. However, you have to consider that the kitten will probably be afraid of hearing the sound of the helicopter. So, you have to think of the most make sense, quickest, and simplest way to solve the problem you face. Unfortunately, this game made by Warner Bross is not for free.

The Curse

Just like the name, you have to escape from the mannequin curse by answering a hundred of puzzles given by the mannequin; the character as well as the host in this game. The puzzles that you have to solve are varied. There are the ones that require your memory, the ones that require to be an expert in making strategy, and other puzzles which train your intelligence. The puzzles are not flexible, which means that you have to solve one puzzle in order to get another one. Every time you succeed solving the puzzle, you will get a clue for the next puzzle. This game is not for free as well just like Scribblenauts.

Cut the Rope

The next game that can train and improve your intelligence is named Cut The Rope. This game is very popular. Just like the name, in this game, you are required to cut the rope on candy so that the candy can be eaten by a frog named Om Nom. However, it is not as easy as you think. The candy tied to the rope is placed in a complicated position, such as hung above the frog. You have to be able to find the right moment and proper position to cut the rope so that the candy can be thrown right into the frog’s mouth. As the level increase, the harder the game level you have to finish. In this game, you are at least required to use a great logic so that you will be able to know which rope you have to cut first.

Game Crayon Physics This game has been there for a long time. The concept used in this game is actually simple too. This game consists of a red ball and a yellow star. Those 2 things are placed in different locations. Your duty is drawing things that can make the red ball touches the yellow star. You are able to create a rope, build a pulley, draw a car, and many other ways that you think it can make the ball touches the star.