7 Best Android Apps for a Smarter Life in 2019


Gone are the days when smartphones make you stupid. With some Android apps that you can find on Play Store, you can use your smartphone as a smart person. Many apps and games that you can download and install on your smart devices actually make you think. Thanks to the developers’ creativity and ingenuity paired with the smart features of the latest Android devices and OS, you can explore and unleash the deepest potential of your mind by using the right apps. Here are seven apps that are guaranteed to make you smarter.


Euclidea is perhaps one the best mathematic Android apps that you can find on Play Store. In this game, you have to solve various geometric problems in the most efficient way. You have few tools at your disposal, ranging from the line and circle tools to perpendicular and angle bisectors. Certain problems have only one solution, but there are problems that may have another hidden alternative solution that you must discover yourself for a bonus point. If you want to learn geometry in a fun and challenging way, try Euclidea.


Just like Euclidea, Pythagorea is also a geometry game that is fun and challenging in its own way. In this game, you have to solve various geometric problems on a grid paper; however, the grid doesn’t actually make the challenges easier to solve and in some problems, it even complicates them because now you have to calculate the hypotenuse. If you love geometry and math, both Euclidea and Pythagorea are two Android apps that you must have in your smart device.


Elevate is an app that explores your intelligence and helps you enhance its capability so that you can think more efficiently. There are various skills covered by this app, including reading and writing skill, math skill, logic skill, and other skills that require an efficient brain to master. If you think that you have become a slow thinker lately or if you are not good at memorizing things, you may need this app. The first time you use it, you will have to solve a basic test that is needed to gauge your current intelligence. Your progress in using this app will be based on such test, so different people will experience the app differently.


PowerVocab is one of the best Android apps for people struggling to achieve a high score in SAT or GMAT or those who always lose when playing scrabble. PowerVocab will enrich your vocabulary skill and make you a smart person who can choose the right word at the right moment. Because it is actually a game, you can enjoy your vocabulary learning in a fun way. In this game, you have to solve various problems with flashcards at your disposal.


From the app’s name, you should already know what the app is used for. Just like other apps listed above, Brainwell is a game. And this is a perfect game to train your brain and to improve its sharpness. This game tests your mind and memory skill with a set of more than 50 games. If you need a fun game for your brain exercise and to improve your memory skill, Brainwell is a worthy app to try.


Eidetic is one of few Android apps that not only allow you to train your brain but also to see how you compare with other Eidetic users. Eidetic challenges you with games that are intended to improve your memory and logic skills. There are more than 100 memory and picture challenges that make your memory skill sharper the more you beat the challenges. There are also survival challenges that allow you to beat as many challenges as you can with no limit. Your best score will be uploaded and listed on Eidetic Leader board. The challenges and the sensation of competition that this game offers make it a truly interesting game to sharpen your brain and memory skill.


Brainly is more like a social media app that allows you to find a solution for your home works as well as to help others solve theirs. With this app, you can revisit your school subjects by solving various problems of various field of studies, including math, language, history, physics, etc. The problems don’t come from the app, but from other users who post their problems. The more you solve the problems, the higher your reputation will be. If you are a student, you can try to solve the problems for learning purpose. The sensation of helping others and rising in reputation makes this app one of the best Android apps to sharpen your brain in a fun and social way.