The Best Smartphone 2019: Find the Best Phone for You


We basically will say that it is a bit hard to decide and pick the best smartphone 2019. Several manufacturers are ready to spoil the smartphone enthusiasts with new features and look as well.

Besides, the phones come in various prices, colors, sizes, and shapes. In this article, we are going to make reviews about several brands of the best smartphone 2019. One of them could be your suit but it is also possible if the one you look for is not on our list.

Android Phone vs. iPhone

Some people consider this point as an important one. Besides Android and iOS, Windows phones also have the market until today. However, the most popular operating systems are Android and mac. In fact, there is a big difference between both operating systems.

Most users today use the android phones over the iPhone. In general, iPhone prices are a bit expensive compared to Android phones. However, it depends on the type and series of phone you want to buy. Besides, there are sophisticated features and good look offered by both smartphone developers. So, in this article, we will show you several brands with a brief review of each product. Check this out.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL are the best smartphones that may be around right now. This phone might suitable for you who are not into android but do not want to use iPhone either. The main difference between both models is on the screen size and the battery capacity.

These phones have the best camera that ever been produced for smartphones which can take anything in almost any kind of situation. Both models are equipped with latest Google hardware, excellent battery life, ability to charge the battery wirelessly, and waterproof feature. The prices start from USD 799.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The popularity of Galaxy series from Samsung seems would not meet its end for sure. The Galaxy S9 offers cheaper price with sophisticated features. You can wirelessly charge your phone, need no worry about the waterproof matter, and it also has a headphone jack.

The Galaxy S9 has a wide screen and modern design without any notch on top of its screen. Even though it looks similar to the Galaxy 8, this one has a better camera quality. Also, it has dual speakers to prove that Samsung really makes an upgraded phone. If you prefer a wider screen, a better battery life, and dual cameras then you can try the Galaxy S9 plus. The price starts from USD 719 but now you may find a cheaper price.

OnePlus 6T

Well, this phone does not provide wireless charging option, a headphone jack, and waterproof feature. However, OnePlus 6T is one of the best smartphones around today. The prices are reasonable especially when you know the specs you would get from the stated pricing list.

It has an excellent camera compared to its rival. The phone is available on 3 options such as 6RAM/128GB, 8RAM/128GB, and 8RAM/256GB. You can get the McLaren Edition that provides 10GB of RAM. The price starts from USD 549.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei phones grow really well from time to time. The Mate 20 Pro features a wide vibrant OLED screen, an excellent triple-camera along with a slender tip, and great battery life. However, the price is still to be announced.

This particular phone type offers the 3D face unlock feature and wireless charging that can be reversed. This feature will allow you to charge another phone as has stereo speakers and waterproofing equipment. Also, it has the 128GB storage capacity to ensure that you will not run out of space for at least two years of use.

iPhone XS

This one is designed for you who love mac iOS so much. iPhone XS can be touted as one of the most expensive smartphones nowadays. The price starts from USD 999.

The phone features the OLED screen with an outstanding look. The feature will also make you fall deeper for this phone. For the security, it features the Face ID unlock system and many phones just try to imitate this feature from now on. The performance is pretty flawless and can be touted as the most desirable smartphone in the whole world. The phone also provides wireless and fast charging. However, you may only get a slow charger inside the box, which means that you need to purchase the fast and wireless charger separately. But you will be pleased with its improved battery life along with the dual cameras, which makes this phone the best smartphone 2019