2019’s Advertising Trends that are interesting to know


There are several interesting advertising trends that are predicted to happen in this 2019. Well, we are almost through the first month of 2019, but hey, January is still not over yet! Therefore, you might want to know about the trends that are about to happen along the year, like the new format to create ads, interesting news, as well as ads budgets that are shifting. Now, we present to you a list of the upcoming trends in advertisements after we have looked for several data for research.

  • The rise of the Holy Trinities in social media

The first trend in advertising that we are going to talk about here is the presence the strongest three social media websites, which are Google, Facebook, and Amazon. These three have become well-established websites and it is predicted that they are going to grow way even stronger along this year. These three are now known as the trio who monopolize the field of social media and they have been inside a fierce competition for gaining profits in digital advertisements, the platform for searching, as the main social media, as well as e-Commerce. Amazon has transformed itself as a major search engine, Google has managed to create wonderful successes thanks to its Shopping Ads, and Facebook has become one of the strongest players in e-Commerce after it has agreed to work with Instagram.

With this trend, an advertiser needs to see this as a unique opportunity. Connecting across different platforms is the thing you will need to do and you will need to work harder for it. You can seek a view of the customer by using these platforms and the view will be independent.

  • Facebook and Instagram Stories are becoming more important

Facebook arranged an earnings call in 2018 and the company received several reports, and one of the most important reports is there had been a billion stories shared across Facebook, Instagram, as well as WhatsApp, and they happened daily. Of course, the marketers and advertisers will have to follow where the consumers are going, have they not? Also, 25 percent of the total Instagram advertisements are spent in Stories.  

In this one of the advertising trends, you can see that there is one opportunity that you should take. You surely have figured out that Instagram and Facebook Stories are getting more popular, have you not? Well, since these are advertising formats that are immersive and rich in contents, then, there are a lot of opportunities that you can take for experimenting with any creative ideas. However, an unskippable ad is not the thing that Facebook has implemented; therefore, it is time to get the rights for your creative contents.

  • You gain more advantages by using a chatbot

Well, to start, you surely have known that there are so many users in mobile messaging apps, right? In the United States of America alone, the number of mobile messengers is about to reach 171.3 million in three years only. Such a number is pointed out by several predictors in e-Marketing. Now, the potential in this field is monstrously gigantic, and you, as an advertiser, should realize it really soon.

Well, what is the opportunity which is laying on this topic? By using messenger apps, you are able to have an opportunity to engage in a form of communication that is unique and unparalleled by any other kinds of format. You can now easily jump in and out the app to have a conversation with your potential customers.

  • Everything is getting more political

Surely, you have noticed that there was a major midterm election which happened in 2018 in the US. The government of the US has been composed by new faces ever since and there are major changes for ads that are getting more political. The effect of these changes is predicted to be worldwide since America has always been a major power to influence the world. Generally, a public distrust has happened in social media and everything is affected. Now, many politicians are spending their money on having their social ads and sixty percent of them are found in major social media websites.

The opportunity that this trend creates is more impactful for political advertisers since they are now entering a new field of battle. This field of battle, by the way, is now harder to conquer. Unlike TV ads, digital ads for political purposes are pretty tricky to master since social media is full of noise and there are so many distrust issues everywhere! Advertisers will need to be handier in understanding data and using it for their own good- and they will need to figure out which platform is the best in making the greatest impact as well as making your spend more efficient. Well, those are the advertising trends which are predicted to happen in 2019!