Three Blogging Niche Ideas that You Can Target in 2019


Choosing the right blogging niche has always been an essential part of blogging career. When you want to do blogging as a career, you have to be focused by targeting only one specific niche that you are interested in, you are mastering, and you can write about. Trends show the increase and decrease in popularity of specific blogging niches. If you want to start making money from blogging, here are three niche ideas that you can target in 2019 to boost your chance to gain a lucrative profit.

DIY Projects

More and more people are becoming aware of economic and eco-friendly life. They prefer recycling and reusing old stuff, crafting basic appliances themselves, and transforming trashes and pollutions into useful things to buying new paraphernalia. You can pick this blogging niche by offering them tips and tricks of how to design useful things from junk. Writing about DIY projects is relatively easy due to the pervasiveness of references and the pleasure of creating something new. Here are the pros and cons of choosing this niche.

  • Advantages
    • It is a pleasurable niche because with junks available everywhere, it is a topic that you can easily explore and practice.
    • Pinterest and YouTube will become your dreamlands due to the popularity of this niche there.
    • You will not only gain money from blogging, but also from selling all crafts that you make yourself.
  • Disadvantages
    • Suitable mostly for the pay-per-click campaign only. If you use this niche in your affiliate marketing campaign, you will less likely get a high commission because DIY crafts are mostly cheap.
    • You will not get a lot of money either if you decide to sell your own crafts.


Everything about food is considered a mouthwatering blogging niche. Many people enjoy spending their time in their kitchen, and they want to go out, they need recommendations about the best restaurants to visit. You can share your recipes, favorite foods, and unique places to eat. You can post your recipes as blog posts, share your cooking videos on YouTube, and show your favorite eating places on Instagram. Culinary posts are always delicious to write, to practice, and to share.

  • Advantages
    • Because everyone loves delicious food, even people who accidentally visit your blog will stay there long enough because they love digesting everything about food.
    • If you do affiliate marketing, there are so many advertisers who are ready to sell their products with your help. The culinary industry is a big industry with zillions of sellers playing there.
    • If you are diligent enough in updating your posts, your chance to gain popularity and profit is rather big because culinary trends constantly change.
  • Disadvantages
    • Just like DIY products, culinary products are also cheap. They are not the best products for gaining a commission from affiliate marketing. Besides, people prefer visiting a grocery to buy their household necessities and go online only to find recipes.
    • If you focus on sharing recipes to gain income from a pay-per-click campaign, you have to cook often and spend most of your time in your kitchen if you want your blog posts to be unique.

Health and Fitness

The world’s economy is getting better and better and today, more and more people are becoming more concerned with their wellness than with their welfare. There are people who wish to lose weight, those who wish to gain weight, and those attempting to stay young, and those trying to avoid dangerous diseases. You can easily pick this blogging niche even if you are not a professional.

  • Advantages
    • Health and fitness is a very popular niche. There are so many people around the world who are hungry to digest everything that makes them look good, have perfect health, and keep perfect body weight. It is a niche that is guaranteed to attract a lot of clicks.
    • There are many expensive products to sell if you want to focus on affiliate marketing. You can, for example, sell fitness equipment that can give you a big commission.
  • Disadvantages
    • Due to its popularity, it is considered a competitive one. Be ready to swim in a big pond, regardless of whether you decide to be a small fish or a big one.
    • Health and fitness are not very popular in the winter and spring.

There are many other blogging niche ideas that you can explore in 2019. Google Trends can be a great tool to discover niches that gain popularity and those that lose one. Use this tool efficiently and find a niche that you can develop and make a profit from