This New Platform Helps Your Publish Your Book For Free – Here’s How


The book publishing industry has seen brilliant advancements in the past decade. While free self publishing was almost inaccessible a decade ago, in 2021, with amazing innovation available at your disposal as we democratize creativity, it is safe to say that self-publishing is here to stay. One of the platforms that have been leading the new wave pixels to accommodate the needs of writers around the world has been Pencil, a Mumbai-based self-publishing platform. Pencil brings forward an innovative tech platform that helps writers write, publish, and distribute their work worldwide in eBook and paperback format using Pencil’s unique one-step creation and distribution tool.

Pencil hosts the largest distribution network with book distribution available in 60+ languages, and 16+ countries and market regions, across 400+ retailers including restricted market zones like some parts of America and China. Pencil disrupts the publishing space by bringing in dynamic editing – a tool where writer can create a new version of their book based on reader analytics and sell newer versions worldwide to improve their content. As a way of pushing writers and readers forward while monetizing their creative pursuits, Pencil’s platform well-fitted with innovative tools does a great job recognising the dynamic interests of writers and readers alike.

Pencil aims to make publishing books a transparent and truly digital ecosystem for authors, publishers, and writers. Writers using Pencil not only retain copyrights to their work, but also earn highest royalties in the market pe copy sold, and get exclusive access to various other benefits.

Here’s a quick overview of the Publishing process on Pencil:

1. Sign up

Log onto, sign up and create a free account to get started. You can use this login for the Pencil Reader App as well. Once you login, you are redirected to the author dashboard. Click on “Write a book” to get started.

2. Creating a manuscript

You will now be redirected to the Pencil Editor. You can write or add your manuscript while having the option to make notes, check the overview, and format your work.

3. Adding details

Once you finalise your manuscript and go to the next step, you will be sent to the book information page where you add critical information like author name, title, subtitle, genre, sub-genre, blurb, and keywords. This can help you optimise your book on different retailer platforms.

4. Design book cover

Pencil provides 4 options to help writers create eye-catching design cover at their convenience. This includes:

  • Upload your own cover
  • Use the free templates provided by Pencil
  • Use Canva to design your cover with custom templates available across all genres
  • Opt for Pencil Premium Services at a nominal cost where a professional designer creates a unique book cover for you

Please note that irrespective of the option you choose, Pencil auto-generates a back cover and spine for your book with options to make basic changes to the color palette.

5. Price setting and distribution

Once you’re done with the above-mentioned steps, the next stage is marketplace. At this stage, you are required to set the price and check your earnings based on Pencil’s price recommendation tool and royalty calculator.

6. Publish

You are one step away from becoming a globally published author! You can now sign the author agreement digitally with Pencil and then complete the process. After providing a valid ID proof and confirming bank details, the manuscript will be put through the process of going live to millions of readers across the globe.

Publishing with Pencil is simple, accessible, and free. The platform’s entry into the digital publishing space has been accommodating the needs of writers to kick-start their journey from a writer to an author.

It takes one click to give your book access to millions of readers, start today.