The Rising Benefits Of Airless Bottles


If you’re active in the cosmetics or beauty industry, you must have come across the phenomenon of airless pump bottles before. Although airless bottles have been around for a while, their popularity is only rising recently. Unlike traditional pump bottles that feature a dip-tube dispensing mechanism, airless bottles use a non-pressurized vacuum to dispense of lotions. This unique system creates a pump action that functions both as a bottle and pump mechanism at once.

Airless bottles are known for their countless benefits over traditional dip-tube pump bottles. Throughout this article, we will have a closer look at the main benefits that airless bottles bring along.

1) An Airless Design

As the name of the bottles suggest, the main benefit of airless bottles lay in their airless design. Whereas traditional bottles use a dip tube to dispense of lotions, airless bottles feature a non-pressurised vacuum dispensing system. With a traditional dip tube bottle, external air is pressed into the bottle every time you push the pump. This injected air pushes down the lotion and, by doing so, pushing it into the tube upwards causing it to dispense through the pump. Airless bottles, on the other hand, feature a small disc at the bottom of the bottle that moves up slightly every time you press the pump. While the disc moves upwards, the product moves up as well and is dispensed through the pump. In this way, the product stored inside never gets into contact with external air.

2) Sleek And Lightweight

Because airless bottles do not feature a bulky pump cap and internal dip tube structure, far less materials are required to craft the bottles. As a result, it goes without saying that airless bottles can be much lighter in weight compared to a traditional pump bottle. This lightweight design makes airless bottles more convenient to carry along in your purse or bag while traveling along. The unique design of airless bottles furthermore gives them a sleek and minimalistic finish. This gives them an elegant and premium appearance compared to traditional lotion pumps.

3) Less Product And Material Waste

As mentioned above, airless bottles require a lot less materials to be produced. As a result, they also create less waste when they are disposed of. That being said, most airless bottles feature a reusable design and, thanks to their durability, are often not disposed of at all as companies like to reuse them. Besides less material waste, airless bottles also reduce product waste. Unlike traditional pump bottles that often leave behind plenty of unused product around the sides and on the bottom of the bottle, airless bottles are emptied completely. With airless bottles, you no longer have to open the bottle once it seems to be empty and use a tool to scrape out the leftover goods in a messy process. At the moment you press the pump and no product comes out, you can be guaranteed that your airless bottle is 100% empty.

4) Increased Shelf Life

Perhaps the main benefit of airless bottles is that the product inside does not get into contact with the external environment (air and moist) at any given moment thanks to its vacuum-like design. Because the products remain stored inside of an airless environment, their shelf life is increased significantly. Generally speaking, products stored inside airless bottles stay good 15% longer compared to the same product stored in a regular lotion pump.

5) Recyclable and Reusable

The vast majority of airless bottles on the market are made from 100% recyclable materials, which gives them an environmental benefit over traditional lotion pumps. The main sustainable benefit of airless bottles lays, however, in their reusable design. Whereas traditional dip tube bottles are impossible to clean and reuse after usage, airless bottles are extremely simple to clean and reuse. Once the bottle is empty, you can simply use a long pin to press the disc back down again. After this, give the bottle a quick clean, and they’ll be as good as new. By reusing your airless bottles, you’ll be able to work much more sustainably compared to when you’d be using traditional one-use dip tube lotion pumps.

6) Airless Bottles Can Hold Multiple Solutions At Once

Depending on what type of airless bottles you’re using, your bottle is capable of holding one, two, or three solutions at once! There are certain type of airless bottles that feature two or even three pumps that allows you to use a single bottle to store multiple serums. This is possible because the internal structure of the bottle is divided into different sections, allowing for the storage of two or three solutions inside one bottle. This offers great possibilities for companies that offer, for example, a cosmetic solution that requires a body lotion, face cream, and hand lotion; all in one bottle.

7) No Oxidation

Because airless bottles feature a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing mechanism, they do not require the internal pumping system like traditional lotion pumps. This is important because these traditional pumps often feature metal springs which can corrode and contaminate the products stored inside. When you use an airless bottle, oxidation will be the last thing you’d have to worry about!

8) Airless Bottles Can Be Used In Any Position

One of the main issues with traditional pump bottles is that they can only be used while standing up-right. This issues occurs due to the internal dip tube structure. When the bottle is turned sideways or upside down, gravity prevents traditional bottles from operating. With airless bottles, however, this will be an issue of the past. Because airless bottles feature a vacuum design, the bottle can be used in any position. Whether you keep it standing up, on its side, or upside down; airless bottles always dispense of their product at the same strength.