Simplification of processes with Orienta United Agency OÜ


Founded by fintech entrepreneur Cristian Carmona, this company is headquartered in Estonia and was created with the aim of bringing the latest technologies to the largest number of productive sectors in the world to accelerate the growth of small and large companies in digital matters to simplify and streamline processes in which technology can make a difference.

Orienta United Agency is a company that offers software solutions based on artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain and many other tools from a group of digital experts capable of developing complex products and services that are easy to use, favouring the creation of favourable conditions to lead competitive markets.

How does Orienta United Agency OÜ work?

In order to identify patterns of behaviour and improve interaction between customers and businesses, machine learning simplifies a large number of frequent, high-volume processes and actions to save time in response and money in hiring staff for repetitive tasks such as answering frequently asked questions on a website.

Below you can see all the work phases that Orienta United Agency carries out for the development and execution of machine learning in each of the projects from start to finish.

  1. Identification of the problem.

An analysis is carried out with the client’s needs in mind to create simple solutions that can maximise both short and long term results.

  • Feasibility study.

A screening process is carried out to detect potential risks and create an appropriate strategy for each case, optimising the use of resources.

  • Design and creation of models.

At this stage the Orienta United Agency team is concerned with developing the product once the client’s needs and possible behaviours have been identified in order to create software that is able to anticipate possible actions and respond appropriately.

  • Implementation, evaluation and monitoring.

Tests are carried out under the highest quality standards to observe the operation of the system in situations similar to real-life situations and thus improve the performance of the tool significantly.

  • Maintenance and monitoring.

Once the software is finalised, regular analysis is carried out over long periods of time to provide expert support at all times.

What are the advantages of using machine learning?

Predict customer behaviour

Simplifies manual tasks

Increases sales opportunities

Improve customer satisfaction

Improving efficiency and workspaces

Ejemplos de Machine Learning con Orienta United Agency.

Autonomous vehicles.

The way in which information can be collected on websites and social platforms can be replicated in real life by grouping physical elements together to create sensors capable of sensing the world and establishing safe routes by taking into account unforeseen elements that may arise with a system response in each case.

Personalised advertisements.

How to reach the target audience with so many millions of people with different tastes? Yes, Machine Learning hand in hand with Big Data, being able to accumulate large amounts of data and analyse them to easily distinguish the right point to bring the best products and services to the most interested people.

Chat bots.

It improves response time and significantly improves productivity by creating a direct communication channel for both customers and businesses to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time by recording and analysing possible behaviours and common questions to create automated responses and move forward much faster.

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