The best WordPress hosting for small business


Finding the best WordPress hosting for your small business can be so overwhelming with so many options out there. There are many plans of WordPress hosting service that targeted for the home business user and not have the feature and power that business need. 

Dream Host 

This is the WordPress hosting option for small businesses that features with cost-friendly price. If you are a beginner, then get this service can be a good starter pack for you. DreamHost offer extras benefit with the ability to handle unlimited domains from a single account and free privacy control. 

Host gator 

With cloud hosting, HostGator is a good value of WordPress hosting. HostGator provides cloud hosting that delivers speed to your website. The Hostgator Business Cloud Plan cost from $9.99 per month for unlimited websites, private SSL, and unmetered bandwidth and storage capacity. 


Hostinger is the best option for newcomers to the website. It is easy to use and has great value for its plan offered. Their pricing rate starts from $1 per month. As the starter plan, you can get one website and one MySQL database with capacity 100GB bandwidth. 

GoDaddy Business Hosting 

If you need a hosting provider that easy to manage and configure with fewer hassles on technic, then GoDaddy can be an option for you. GoDaddy business Launch plans start from $20.99 per month. The cost is a little expensive than other some VPS hosting but it is easy for setup and simpler management websites. 

Liquid Web 

This is the best VPS WordPress hosting option for small business owners. If you need a WordPress hosting provider that delivers good performance, easy for use, has a lot of features and tools, perfect client support, then you will need this. Liquid Web service starts from $5 per month.

What features that you should look at when searching for WordPress hosting? 

∙        Performance and speed. It is essential for ensuring the quality of the WordPress hosting service offer. The RAM capacity, processing power (CPUs), and the disk space will enable you to play a big role in determining the overall performance from your site. The usage of RAM and CPUs will depend on the content on your site and the number of visitors.

∙        Supports. This feature depends on your familiarity with hosting solutions. If you know the way for WordPress installation, the security and protecting, the caching, the migration and also restorations and site backups then you will find with the one that less support. However, even if you know everything, there is always potential something that misses and this is the importance of finding the web hosting provider that cares and ensures their product runs effectively as they offer. Most WordPress hosting provider provides a support degree level include phone, mail, live web chat, and support forums. 

∙        Uptime. Most of WordPress hosting provider service have uptimes in the rate of 99.5%. Do you know that even a distance of 0, 1% has an impact that significantly influences your income from the website?  Other features to look in best WordPress hosting. You also can expect the offsite recovery and backup, caching performance, security features, and also physical data center location.