The Best Camera Phone in 2019 – Reviews, Pros, and Cons


Looking for the best camera phone is not something impossible nowadays. People even rely more on their smartphone and its camera instead of the pocket digital camera.

Even some photographers would use their camera phone when they cannot bring their DSLR cameras. Since there are many brands of smartphones, we will make a list of the smartphones with the best camera phone installed in it. And so far, Google Pixel 3 is kind of the best option on today’s market.

This phone is only equipped with one lens on its back but you will get a stunning picture by using its camera. Here you can enjoy our review of several smartphones that will satisfy your photography hobby. All you need is reading this article till the last word.

Google Pixel 3

The first smartphone on our list is the Google Pixel 3. It is also touted as the best smartphone in 2019 yet the best android camera phone as well. The price starts from USD 749 and it has so many stunning features for photography.

You may like the camera of this phone due to is a brilliant zoom. Other than that, it also provides a superb night mode with oodles manual control you will never get from another android phone. However, it is only equipped with one lens and it relies on the software too much.

Huawei P20 Pro

We can say that this smartphone is the best all-rounder for sure. You may be in love with its camera due to its innovative three rear cameras. It also has a great ability to take flawless pictures in low light. However, the consistency is not as great as Samsung. Also, it is a bit expensive in its class. The best price you could get for this phone might be around USD 640.

Huawei P20 Pro is one impressive tool of picture taking equipment. Compared to the Galaxy S9 Plus, the camera is not as consistent as what Samsung could give. However, its powerful camera has combined a 20MP black and white with a 40MP RGB sensor.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

This phone is a fantastic new addition piece to the camera phone category. What makes you love this phone may include its superb lenses from Leica and the best portrait mode you may ever find on a mobile phone. Other than that, it also offers various powerful features that give pro results. However, there is not the monochrome lens and the postproduction is a little too much. The price starts from USD 884.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro can be touted as the P20 Pro big brother. It is equipped with three cameras on the back that will offer macro yet super-wide-angle shots. But you will be more surprised with its quality of portrait mode. Also, you must see the bokeh effect from this camera.

iPhone XS

If you are a person who loves Apple that much then the iPhone XS would steal your heart even more. It offers a great result on portrait mode and you can get the best selfies by using this camera phone. However, it can get oversaturate and the price is a bit expensive. The price starts from USD 999.

We can say that iPhone XS is the best top-range camera phone. However, the look of the phone is not offering a new style compared to the previous types of this phone. The camera is pretty powerful, equipped with the dual 12MP shooter. This phone also features the Depth Control and Smart HDR that will blow your mind.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

We can say that this phone offers a superb camera. It provides a fantastic auto mode and it is packed with various sophisticated features. However, the price is pretty expensive. It is also equipped with the AR Emoji but it is not for everyone, unfortunately. The price starts from USD 450.

This phone from Samsung gives a dual-camera with 12MP. The main sensor allows you to get a great result and it also gives flawless pictures even in low light so you do not need to worry to shoot pictures at night. In portrait mode, you can choose the bokeh mode as well. The great camera is also paired with a great video recording, AR emoji, and slow motion feature.

As we have mentioned earlier, people rely on their smartphones for anything in their daily life. Even some of the smartphones can accommodate your photography hobby. The list we have above might help you to make consideration before choosing the best camera phone.