How to Build a Blog – Beginner References


As internet improves, information flows like there’s nothing to detain. We have encountered many information through various media on internet especially from blog. Blog is a certain website which has focus primarily on writing content. Blog has something similar with social media in which its content constructed based on individual viewpoint.

Since blogging is mainly talk about one’s point, any readers who have the same thought would like follow and even get in touch with the blog owner. Generally, on every blog posts, there is comment section below. This is where the blogger will be able to connect with their readers directly.

If a blogger can build a good relationship and even trust with their readers, from that point, the blog will be valuable enough. Not only for the good quality information but also it’s potential to make money. It is surely worthy enough to have a blog. So, where and how we can start a blog, I’ll show you here.

  • Decide on Blog’s Name

In matter of deciding a name for your blog, you should first consider what topic you want to blogging about. You don’t have to be expert on the topic, remember that blogging means individual point of view. You could take one specific topic or even several topics for your blog. Or, you can just decide to have a personal blog where you can share stories from your daily life.

After deciding on topic around your blog, then you should start to create the name. A good name of a blog should include description of the blog itself. However, it’s not a must. You can choose a unique name you fancy that would attract your readers. But still, do not pick one which opposes the topic.

When you already come up with a name, you should check its availability. Since a blog name should be unique and have no twin, you must be sure that there’s no one using it. If the name is already used, you can try to add dash or small words like an “a” or “the”.

  • Register Your Blog

After you have prepared the name, you can now start to register it to a blog website platform. Blog platform or usually called as blog hosting commonly provides blogging software. This is a company who have all files you have uploaded and sent it to the reader when they open your page.

There are many platforms to choose for blogging like Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Gawker, Blog Smith, Scoop, TypePad, and so on. The most favorite blogging platform this far has been WordPress. It is famous for easiness and customizable. This platform offers free blog host which is unfortunately giving limitation as well.

  • Start to Personalize Your Blog

After successfully registered, now you can see a plain blog of yours. In order to log in, you need to open the admin page. Enter the username and its password on the page and you can start to customize any feature of the blog.

The first thing you may want to change is the design. It should represent your personal style. Try to explore the “Appearance” menu and find “Theme”. This is where you can choose any layout available. When modifying the background, I suggest you to be simple as possible. You need to consider the reader when they look at your page. It is better to keep layout simple, so they can focus on reading your posts.

  • Start Your Writing

All is set and now, you can actually start for blogging. To start writing, look at the left menu and click “Posts”. Afterwards, you should check the “All Posts” first. This where you can find all posts that have went public. You can find there’s already one post which is default by the WordPress. You can delete it because you obviously don’t want it to be on your blog.

Back to the menu “Posts” and choose “Add New Post”. You can see a plain page where you can start to write. The upper and small box is for the title while the big box is for the whole information you want to share. You can add some pictures or videos on your post, by clicking “Add Media” and select the file from your internal computer.

  • Publish Your Post

Even after finishing your writing, you will see a sign as “Coming Soon” post. This sign will appear before the content officially goes public. when you done arranging the whole article including its supporting elements like picture or video, you can now click “Publish”. The very first content on your blog has been uploaded.