Things that Can Harm Your Car


Often traveling by private car certainly makes you more sensitive to all changes in conditions that occur, especially the engine performance. In addition to age, it turns out driving style and bad caring habits can affect the performance of a car engine. Generally, there are still many people who do not understand any factors that make the car quickly damaged. To keep your car in its top condition, avoid the things that can harm your car below.

Suddenly braking

Most of us do not realize that some habits while driving can have a bad effect on the condition of our car. Ne of the bad habits that commonly done by drivers moves the gear with a rough displacement and forget to step on the clutch pedal for a manual transmission car. If you do it right, your car durability will last longer.

Another habit that makes the car’s engine quickly damaged is the sudden braking. This usually happens to your car if you often drive in high speed on a highway. Minimize this habit to keep the brakes from wearing out easily. You also have to change the habit of stepping on the gas pedal too fast if you do not want the car to break quickly. Apart from having an effect on the condition of the car, doing this can drain more fuel, causing it to become more wasteful.

Withholding Clutches When Stuck

Most of the drivers with manual transmission car may often hold the clutch for a long time when they are trapped in a traffic jam. Indeed, compared to constantly moving the gear to neutral conditions, this makes it easier for you to move the car. In fact, doing this continuously will make the clutch shoes run out quickly. You have to minimize these habits so that the condition of the car will be maintained better and not be damaged quickly.

Passing down a track with neutral gear

Never replace a gear to a neutral position when you are passing down a road. Technically, your car will go faster and lighter. But this has the potential to make you make sudden braking. Accustomed to doing this is also quite dangerous because it can lead to accidents. When the car accelerates at fast speeds, you will have difficulty controlling it. Inserting the gear suddenly will cause the car to slip.

Ignoring the Warning

One of the crucial things that are often ignored by people is a warning about the condition of a car. This internal problem detection technology itself is usually owned by the latest output cars that can be seen on the car indicator panel. This bad habit also harms the car and yourself because you have to spend funds to fix it.

Pay attention to the indicator lights on the car panel such as the engine, temperature, and oil. If one of the indicators lights up while you are driving, do not ignore and immediately do a brief check or take your car to a workshop. The faster you overcome it, the more the damage can be minimized and even prevented.

Not turning off the lights

Turning on the lights continuously when the engine is turned off is not good to do. Because, in order to turn on the car lights, your car needs power from the battery. When the car’s engine is off, the energy flow to the battery will also be cut off automatically. Energy reserves of batteries are sucked because the lights will eventually run out. If the battery energy runs out, the car’s engine cannot be turned on and other functions can be hampered. Therefore, from now on, you should remember to use lights only as needed. When you will leave the car, do not forget to check the condition of all the lights inside and outside it.

Not Monitoring the Condition of the Tires

One of the things that can harm your car is your carelessly in monitoring the condition of the tires. Tires are parts of a car that do not need special care. Even so, you must be aware of the condition of your car tires if you want the vehicle’s performance to remain best and comfortable to use.

The faded car tires if not quickly replaced also greatly affects safety when driving. If you still insist on using the worn out tire, the potential for damage on the road will be even greater because the car will be more difficult to control. In the end, this can affect the damage to your car’s engine.

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