What You Must Do to Set On Career Choice


When I was still a student, I was really envy to some of my friends who have their mind already set on certain career. They know what they want to do in the future and work for this. Me, on the other hand, just letting it flow until I obtain my bachelor degree. This is where I should make a real decision.

Career planning should be done through a thoughtful progression even before you are applying for college. This steps I explain here can help you on deciding what career suits you. Even so, doing these before you enter a university is a great move. The earlier you determine your career plan, the better it is.

  • Get to Know Yourself More

In order to be able appropriately decide on career, you should learn about yourself more than before. You should determine what values you want to maintain no matter what. Other things you should know about yourself including aptitudes and soft skills. Meanwhile, some people said that interests hold the main key in deciding career choice.

All those factors should be considered along with your personality. These elements can be commonly identified through certain tools called career tests. You will be able to see some career options are best fit you while others are not suitable. However, it often still gives you long list as result. If you get this kind of result, I suggest you to get advice from career counselor.

  • Collect Your Assessment Result

You may have been through some different self-assessment tools for just trying another type. But, do not get rid of all the results you got because you can make use of it. Filter all kinds of career that appears multiple on those lists. This way, you will have a list that seems to be the most fit with you.

The next step is you should secondly filter the list into some categories. You can divide them into the ones that interest you, the ones that you have curious on, and those you want to get to know better. From these categories, you may find something surprising in the future. The list was generated based on your nature and personality. It’s sure to be worthy to explore.

  • Dig Out On Brief Information

Now, that you have a list with different categories on your hand, it’s time to collect information on each of them. You don’t have to be comprehensive at this stage. You only need to know the information briefly.

What you should find about each occupation on your list including education requirement, training or licensing certificate, skills requirements as well as job descriptions. You may be able to find those on some sites of labor market information. After all those information collection, you should be able to narrow your list to be only 9 to 20 preferences.

  • Eliminate Some More

After you have 20 limited options of career choice, you now need to eliminate some more into 3 to 5 only. Be focus and learn the information once more. Remove the ones which you have no passion. Especially if your educational background is not suitable with the requirement, then the career isn’t for you.

Based on the job descriptions, if you don’t like one or more of it, then mark it X. Also, if you do not own soft skills it requires which is really not your type, you should eliminate it immediately. Have short list of the job you really want to pursue. Motivation takes big part after all.

  • Take A Look Closer

At this step which you have been bounded to only 5 career choices, you should gather a more depth information. This time, you need to take a look closer by interviewing those who have the job already. But, it is also important to choose your resources with more than 5 years’ experience. People who have been through 5 years will be able to give you whole picture of the career you set your eye on.

You may ask anyone of your family if they have friend with the job. Or, you may ask your friends if they have relations with related job. Use all of your network to find a resource. Even, you can make use of social media.  

  • Ready to Decide On One Choice

After doing all those research, you may now have your eye set on certain occupation. The process you’ve been through will help you grasp a firm decision. This will not let you easily change your mind when pursuing it. However, you should also keep in your mind that in reality, people often change their career few times in their life.  You can do the same if you feel unsatisfied after doing the job for some time. Or, you find something more interesting like starting your own business. It is indeed challenging