The guide on how to evolve the marketing strategy to business growth in small business


When you have a business, your marketing strategy should not stagnant for years. You should always adapt with the new trends of business, learn from the mistakes you make, and also take advantage from the advancement in technology and marketing platform if you want to succeed for a long period time and grows your small business. Here are some tips to evolve the marketing strategy for small business.

Avoid these marketing mistakes

When you start and run a small business, sometimes there are some mistakes that you can avoid. If you teach from other people who made these mistakes, you can avoid and make prevention to the mistakes below.

•        Spending too much cost on Facebook fan page likes.

•        Picking a too small niche for your marketing content. There are some ways to figure out a larger niche for your marketing strategy by having Google Trends; Publicity traded companies and Crunch base.

•        Not all of the search traffic is the same. Not all of the traffic is equal. Look to the traffic stats in each region before you decide on whether or not you want to create something similar on your content.

Get ready to marketing strategy changes in 2019

The marketing landscape is constantly evolved into a small business. If you want to keep up and grow your business, you need to be aware of the trends that will impact your industry and the platforms that available to reach the customer more efficiently.

•        Changes of marketers will meet in 2019. 2019 is years where there are big changes will happen. Some of the trends will continue and some may not available more. There are 3 main issues that will affect to marketing strategy in 2019, such as changes to the programmatic ads, there will be more streaming services will run the ads in marketing strategy and the rate increases in postage and shipping.

•        Consider to corporate the AI for content marketing. The AI is one advanced technology that impact in many different parts in business aspects. Content marketing is certainly one of the areas that involved.

•        Measure social media performance.  To evolve the social media strategy, you will need to determine the parts of existing marketing strategy that working well and also the parts of strategy than wasting your money.

·        To measure, you will need to asses to each of social channel and then review how the account performing for your business. Look out to the performance of post-performance (the engagement, reach, impressions, and websites), the shared voice, the post type and the conversions (how many people click to content in social media, subscribed and becomes your customer). Next, look the content and analyze how it flows from one channel to next. The last is a review to the goals of your social media.

·        After you analyze and measure the social media, the next step is how you build a relationship with your customer. It is important to listen to your customer.

•        Take advantage of E-commerce success with the Instagram stories. Instagram has added features such as stories and Highlight platform that aimed help the e-commerce business company easily connect with the potential customer with the products they offers.

•        Use the content marketing tools to gains more inspiration, insight, and amplification. To make the content of your marketing strategy really work, then you will need to insight into how your content performing, get new inspiration for new content and always amplify to the new content.

•        Get landing page visitor to buy. The one with countdown timer as this will create a sense of urgency. Counting down will deal how much your customer interested or will be longer available.

•        Build traffic. There are many ways you can do to increase and build traffic for marketing strategy. One of it by using Pinterest to drive traffic to blog or website.

•        Find out if the SEO strategy is really actually working for your business.  There is no perfect strategy in SEO for every business. Sometimes, you need to apply new things and just wait to see they work and result. There is some help that you can ask to determine whether your existing SEO strategy is really working for your business or not, so you can change when it is really needed.

•        Change up the strategy in social media. The social media trend is always changing. When your business did not change along to it, your business will be left behind, far away from your competitor. In 2019, there will be a big change in the social media platform and what it will mean for your business.