5 Best AI Gadgets in 2019


AI gadgets exploit the amazing capability of artificial intelligence to assist you in many imaginable ways. Artificial intelligence has become a major buzzword within the last few years. When a computer has become increasingly smarter, it can make various alternative decisions without having to be programmed first. Its behavior will become more and more human-like and it will be able to provide assistance to human in various fields, from entertainment and household chores to science. If you are curious about AI gadgets that will likely appear in 2019, here I show you five of the best gadgets in 2019 that use artificial intelligence to offer some amazing functionalities.

Smart Mirror

Imagine the magic mirror in the Snow-White folktale becoming true. You will be able to gauge your beauty more objectively than subjectively. The smart mirror developed by HiMirror is developed for this purpose. At a glance, you will see it as a mirror that you regularly use when grooming, but when you look closely, you will know that it has AI embedded in it. HiMirror Smart Beauty Mirror will tell you about how beautiful you are. With an AI-enhanced built-in camera, the mirror can analyze the amount of wrinkle, dark spots and discolorations, red spots, pore evenness, and all skin conditions that occur on your face. With the analysis result provided by this mirror, you can determine whether you already take good care of your skin, whether you are using the wrong cosmetics, or the right cosmetics that you should actually use to improve your skin’s appearance and health. For the more beautiful and youthful skin, this mirror is one of the best AI gadgets you can buy now.

Smart Drone

What makes people reluctant to buy a drone is their inability to control the drone properly and the possibility of a crash, which will damage the expensive drone completely. If you want to buy a drone but are not ready to face the dreadful consequence, you should buy DJI Phantom 4 Advanced drone. What makes this drone special is that it is enhanced with artificial intelligence that will pilot it whenever needed. In other words, you can switch this drone to the autopilot model when you don’t know how to land it or when you want it to float at a certain spot while you do something else. This drone is a worthy investment for every drone lover because the autopilot feature makes it much less prone to crash and damage.

Personal Trainer

There are hundreds of fitness training apps that you can find on the Play Store and App Store; however, all of them use prerecorded data that treat all users the same. This is the reason why a personal trainer app can never match a real human trainer. Vi personal trainer package, which includes Vi Sense headphones with a heart-rate sensor and Vi Trainer App, attempts to make a breakthrough by providing you with very personalized personal training assistance. Vi knows your name, understands your goal, knows when you are primed and when you are fatigued, motivates you when you are struggling, compares and analyzes your workout sessions, and adjusts her guidance according to how you perform. Having Vi as your personal trainer is the same with, or even better than, having a real human instructor.

Google Home

Very often, you have a lot of questions to ask but there is no one who can give you satisfying answers. In the morning before you go to your workplace, you want to know what time it is, how the weather is, what the latest news is, whether you have appointments this day, and so on, and so forth. These are common questions that need instant but satisfying answers. When even human cannot provide you with such answers, Google Home can. Google Home is enhanced with artificial intelligence and machine learning capability that will learn your speeches. When you ask it something, it will answer you right away. Because it constantly learns you, you will be amazed by how well it understands you and your needs the more you use it. If you need a friendly buddy to chat with, this is obviously one of the smartest AI gadgets that you must have at home.

AI Skateboard

The extent of AI domination finally reaches your favorite wheeled board. Meet XTND, one of the best AI gadgets that learns how you use your electric board and adjusts its setting based on your riding behavior. Yes, XTND is an electric board with artificial intelligence embedded in it. With this board, you can skate comfortably, conveniently, and safely without worrying about tipping over and other accidents.