Create an Interesting Advertisement that Caught People’s Attention


Aside from doing proper calculations between profit and loss, as a businessman, you should be able to think in a creative way so that your product can beat the competitors and more acceptable by the public. One of the effective ways to market your product is to create an advertisement. To create an advertisement, there are several things to consider so that your ad will pick the interest of the public and thus, increase the selling of the product.

Picking the right place

Before you spent your energy and time to make a good advertisement, the first thing to do is to decide where will you place your ad. Places such as around the office complex, intersections, or other crowded places will surely affect the exposure of your product through the advertisement. But, another thing is that you should be able to suit your target audience with the place. For example, if your product is targeting the millennials or the young adults, then you can place your advertisement around hang-out places. You should also consider the media before placing the advertisement. The common media you can use to advertise are the internet, TV, and print media. Based on the target audience and the usefulness of your product, you can pick the right media to elevate the exposure and gain more benefit from the product. Therefore, your advertisement will be on point.

Using a unique slogan or words

The next thing to consider when you want to create an ad is to consider the choice of words. Again, in choosing the words for your advertisement, you should be able to suit the product with your target audience. Proper and effective words are the key to a successful advertisement. To catch the attention of the public with a specific category, you should do research about the things that are relatable with the product and the culture of your target audience. For example, you can use memes in your advertisement to target younger people.

Pay attention to the detail  of your design

The design or visual element in your advertisement is probably the most important element. This is because according to various studies, an effective advertisement utilizes a bigger portion on the visual. Therefore, designing your advertisement as interesting as possible is necessary. Things such as fonts, color combination, color consistency, and also the logo of your product should fit well with the entire concept of your advertisement. In designing an advertisement, you should be able to suit the design with the media where the ad will be shown. Catchy words along with unique fonts and colors are suitable for printed advertisement. If you want to advertise your product through the internet or TV, then you can try to attract the public with stunning videography or video editing. Don’t forget to focus on your target audience so that the ad will be more effective in elevating the sales of your product.

Include interesting offers

If you want to be more effective in acquiring new customers and at the same time beating the other competitors, adding interesting offers will step up the game. This is because the offer will attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of the old customers to keep using your product. You can also attract customers from your competitors, which is not prohibited in the business world. To achieve that, you have to do extensive research about that involve what is trending, the current culture of your target audience, internet behavior, and many more according to your product. The relation between the customers and your product will be important because it will determine what kind of offers you will launch to attract both new and the competitor’s customers.

Cooperate with influencers or celebrity

In the modern era like today, the media where you can place the advertisement is important. Based on the media where you place the ad, you can pick the right influencer or celebrity as a talent for your advertisement. Using the popularity of the influencer is a common thing in advertising a product. This is because the celebrity or influence you cooperate with already has his/her own followers or fan base. The mass amount of people following the influencer or celebrity means an instant exposure towards your product. In cooperating with the celebrity or influencers, you should also pick whether to advertise on the TV, street, or the internet. Based on the placement, you can pick the right influencer or celebrity that suit with your product usefulness and target audience. To create an advertisement, you should consider all the things above so that you can achieve a better result in terms of benefit gained from the product