8 Ways on Decreasing A Gadget Addiction


Everyone is close to the gadget. They cannot get away from a gadget. The development of technology makes the use of smartphones much needed in daily life. The important matter can be finished easily by relying on a smartphone. However, on another side, it has risks if you are still using it. You will get addicted to a gadget. To reduce a gadget addiction, there are some ways on handling it.

1.    A Strong Will

A will is the first way to handle and reduce addiction to a gadget. If your will has been strong, the next way is making a commitment to yourself in order that you can reduce the intensity of using a smartphone badly. It is important to handle your intensity of using and operating a gadget because it has bad effects.

2.    Check Your Gadget in a Particular Range of Time

The next way for reducing a gadget addiction is checking a gadget in only a particular range of time. You can make a schedule to touch and operate your smartphone. It can be a great way to do. For example, you only touch your smartphone for once in two hours with the long duration for 15 to 20 minutes. To take over your attention, you can do your hobbies. For example, you can swim, sing, or read. If you do your favorite hobbies, it is easily forgetting a gadget.

3.    Keeping Your Gadget Silent

A notification sound or red light can tease you to open your gadget. To manage your addiction, you have to turn off its notification. It is aimed at making you concentrated to do the other jobs or duties. You can keep it silent when you are on an important occasion. After that, you should keep it in a hidden place. If the place is at the opened place, you will get teased to check it over again. So, it is better to save your smartphone in a cabinet or bag.

4.    Deleting Your Favorite Applications and Games

In order to make you keep away of touching your gadget, you can delete all favorite games or applications making you play or operate your gadget longer. This way can be conducted if you feel addicted badly. The technology is great for all of you. However, you have to manage it in order to keep away from a gadget addiction. Try to stay away from the applications and games making you always addicted all the time.

5.    Hanging Out with Many Friends and Close People

The next way for reducing a gadget addiction is hanging out with many friends and close people. You can go traveling or hanging out with the closest friends. If you are alone, you surely cannot keep away from a gadget. When you gather with your friends, try to avoid touching a gadget. Moreover, you mustn’t focus more on a gadget so that you forget your friends around it. It is often conducted by many people with their gadget.

6.    Turning Off A Gadget 30 Minutes Before Sleeping

What else are things to do? If you have a habit to play a smartphone before sleeping, you have to reduce this bad habit. It is better to keep it away starting from now. This is a way to get away from gadget addiction. You should turn it off for 30 minutes or one hour before you go to sleep. It has a function to make you sleep soundly and get you back to be fresh and fit in the next morning.

7.    Giving a Time Limit for Operating a Gadget

The next way for reducing a gadget addiction is giving a time limit to use a gadget. You must give it when you play your smartphone. For example, you shouldn’t use it at a particular time. You cannot play or operate it when you are gathering with family members in a family room, eating together in a dining room, working, or dating with your sweetheart. Make a limit in using and operating the gadget. It can be a great way to reduce a gadget addiction.

8.    Recognizing Bad Effects of Gadget

The last way is knowing and recognizing the bad effects of gadget addiction. You should find more information about the side effects of the gadget addiction. If you have known it, you will think twice to play a gadget. After you know the ways, it is better to do the best ways to avoid it. Those are some ways of removing and reducing a bad habit in gadget addiction. You can do it step by step