Be Productive in 2019 with These Six Best Productivity Apps


Productivity apps are necessary because of several reasons. To begin with, you need those apps because you want to simplify all the tasks that you have to do regularly. Secondly, you also need those apps because you are a busy person who cannot remember everything. Skipping one important task or appointment can be a disaster for you. A productivity app helps you manage your tasks and appointments and remind you to commit with them. Lastly, you need a productivity app in order to be more productive, creative, and innovative.

Five Minute Journal

Five Minute Journal is one of the best productivity apps that turn pessimism into optimism, sadness into happiness, and chaos into order. If you are a busy person, believe me, you will need all of them. Five Minute Journal allows you to use your five minutes every morning and evening to make a short journal. You can plan what you will do in the morning and write your achievements in your evening. This app seems to be pretty simple, but if you use it optimally, you can be a grateful person who successfully makes a big change in your life with this app. The five-minute journal that you write, the photo that you attach, and the reminders that you make will help you become a happier, more optimistic, and more productive person.


Taskful is also one of the best-rated productivity apps due to its simplicity and convenience of use. Taskful allows you to plan a task that you want to do one time or routinely. You can then add subtasks to the recorded task so that you can record all the milestones that you have reached in order to accomplish your task. There is a slight feature of this app that actually gives a tremendous effect to the convenience degree of this app. Instead of marking every task or subtask with done and not done label, it simply adds a check mark to every task or subtask that is already accomplished.

App Usage Tracker

Have you always been so engrossed by a particular app that you forget about more important tasks that you have to do? Have Facebook, Twitter and games have made you less productive than ever? If yes, perhaps this App Usage Tracker can help you return to sanity. Almost every phone indeed has a built-in app tracker; however, this app provides more comprehensive and useful functions by showing your app usage data not only with numbers but also charts. You can use this app to remind you that your use of some particular apps has reached a compulsive level. You can also use this app to see which apps you use very rarely and to decide whether to keep those apps or to delete them.


Being busy all the time is not the right way to be productive. If you take a short time to take a rest, to contemplate, and to meditate, you will be more determined and energetic to make achievements. Headspace is one of the best productivity apps to use if you need a perfect tool to aid in your meditation. With this app, you can forget about your sorrow, grief, distress, and other things that make you lose enthusiasm to be productive. You will forget about the past and the future and focus only on the present, focusing only one everything that gives real meaning to your life.

Personal Capital

What is the use of being productive if you cannot keep track of your cash flow? Personal capital, as the name implies, is one of the best productivity apps to help you handle your money. You can sync all of your bank accounts with this app and be notified for every deposit and withdrawal. You can keep track of your revenue and expenditure and you will even know all hidden fees that each of your bank accounts is associated with. With this app, you can manage your money more carefully and make a better plan for your children’s education, your family’s health, and your retirement.


Almost everyone agrees that the smart device that you use every day can actually distract you and make you less productive. If only you put your phone on hold for an hour, you can imagine all the useful things that you can do or make within that precious hour. If you want to refrain from using your phone too often or too long, Hold can help you. In fact, this is one of the best productivity apps to keep you away from the phone because it rewards you with real cash if you can stay away from the phone. When you put your phone on hold, a counter will start to tick, and for every second you spend without your phone, you will get a point. If you can accumulate enough points, you can exchange them for real cash