5 Transport Gadgets for Your High-Tech Mobility in 2019


A flying car, a gyroscopic bike, an electric motorcycle, those are some of the best transport gadgets that you will see soon roaming on streets and roads. Human’s transportation has become more and more advanced nowadays and in the near future, you will be seeing—and even using—some of the most sophisticated personal transport vehicles with their advanced technologies. If you want to see what people in the future use for their transportation, here I will show you five of the best personal transport gadgets that have started appearing today.

Bell Nexus Flying Car

A flying car has become a major buzzword in the transportation industry within the last decade. Some of the most creative individuals in the field have been introducing some working prototypes of flying car that are expected to hit the market soon. Bell Nexus Flying Car can be regarded as among the most ambitious. First appearing in the CES 2019, this flying car is reported to be capable to cover a range of 150 miles within one flying session. This four-passenger flying car will certainly become the future of the family car when most of its competitors are still focusing on a one-passenger prototype. The model appearing in the CES, however, is not the real flying car because the real functioning model is still under development in Bells headquarters.

Electric Unicycle

Electric unicycle is a small one-wheeler that can be one of the best personal transport gadgets that you can use on a narrow path that even your bike cannot pass. The biggest component of this personal transport gadget is its wheel, which is located between your legs when you ride it. There are two small footsteps on both of its side so that you can ride it comfortably and safely. This small vehicle is balanced by a gyroscope and moves forward and backward depending on your current pose. If you lean forward, it will move forward and vice versa. Despite its handiness, learning to ride it may prove a challenge. And after you master it, riding it on steep slopes can be a challenging accident-prone experience. Nevertheless, it will be your best personal transport if you use it to roam around the campus or if you want to shop at a nearby grocery.

Walkcar Electronic Vehicle Platform

If riding a one-wheeler seems to be a terrifying experience instead of exciting, you should try Walkcar, an electronic vehicle platform with four caster-like wheels and the size of a laptop. The design is very simple. It is simply a rectangular platform that you can stand on when you are too lazy to walk. Because of its small size, it can fit into your backpack or even a thin paper shopping bag without tearing it. And because it has four wheels, learning to ride it is much less challenging than learning to ride two-wheelers like Segway PT or one-wheelers like the unicycle above. The laptop-like design also offers better stability than that of the electric skateboard that is already circulating at the market. If walking and running are not your hobbies, Walkcar can be one of your favorite transport gadgets to be carried everywhere you go.

Pel&Bel’s Zero Scooter

Personal transports with two wheels arranged laterally are not rare things nowadays. Segway PT is proof that this kind of vehicle is actually rideable and usable. However, if you need something that combines the past and the future, try Zero Scooter by Pel&Bel. At a glance, this scooter has almost no mechanical difference if compared with Segway and other two-wheeled scooters; however, if you look at its style, you will adore it so much because it simply looks like an old Vespa scooter with only two wheels on both of its sides. With speed maxed at 20 km/h, it is one of the most stylish and nostalgic transport gadgets to be used anywhere but city roads.

Harley-Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle

An electric motorcycle is not a rarity nowadays, but if an all-electric model is made by Harley-Davidson, which is known for its super-polluting models, that is certainly a surprise. Harley-Davidson’s decision to go green is praiseworthy, and if you try the company’s all-electric model, the LiveWire, you can enjoy riding the eco-friendliest and the most powerful motorcycle at the same moment. This new all-electric motorcycle, once released, will have a great power that thrusts the motorcycle from a full stop to 60 mph in just about 3 seconds. With its tremendous power, Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire will obviously become one of the most anticipated transport gadgets that you can hopefully try this year.