4 Best Home Gadgets in 2019


Home gadgets help you a lot in organizing your home. Keeping everything organized at home is a big task, but it is important to make sure that your home will become a haven that provides you with comfort, safety, and security. If you live alone or if everyone in your family is a busy person, you will need some help to keep your home organized. Instead of hiring someone, why don’t you use smart gadgets to assist you in organizing your home? Some smart, AI-powered, and IoT gadgets are already or will be available for purchase this year. With these four gadgets, your home will be smarter than before.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo should be one of the first smart home gadgets that you must have at home. This gadget basically hears what you say, what you command it to do, and then does the task on its own if it can or communicates with other smart devices if needed. If you already use smart gadgets for your air conditioner, humidifier and purifier, lighting system, door lock, home audio, and video system, etc., Amazon Echo can communicate with them and transfer your command to them. For example, if you want the light to turn on, simply speak to this gadget and it will command your smart lights to turn on if they haven’t been previously preprogrammed to do so. Amazon Echo can also sing your favorite song and perform many interesting things at home.e

Smart Power Strip

When you want to expand the availability of power outlets at home, you usually buy the traditional power strip and connect your electrical and electronic devices to it. The problem is that, because of the convenience the power strip offers, you often forget to unplug all of those devices from the power strip even when you are not using them. You may think that it is not a big deal because those devices are turned off anyway. The fact is that many devices go into standby mode when not used. In this mode, they still use a small amount of electricity. Studies show that the amount of electricity used by standby devices is about 5 to 10 percent of your home’s electrical consumption.

If you don’t want to waste your electricity and subsequently to pollute the world with extra carbon dioxide, you should use a smart power strip instead of the traditional one. This power strip will turn off all devices that go into standby mode and keep your electrical consumption properly controlled. The smart power strip is one of the best home gadgets that not only controls your electrical consumption but also prevents Wi-Fi surge and powers up your smart devices through its built-in USB power outlets.

iRobot Smart Cleaner

iRobot presents you with two smart home gadgets that will keep your home clean all the time. The first is a smart vacuum cleaner, a small robot that will roam around your home and suck all dust, dirt, debris, and tiny particles that make your home unclean and unfriendly to allergic people. Because it is a smart gadget, it has a sensor that detects and learns your home’s floorplan and it will avoid sucking objects that it is not designed to, such as clothing, toys, and the like.

The second smart gadget is the Braava smart mop. As you already know, not everything can be cleaned by your smart vacuum. Stubborn grime, sugary spills, and oily stain can only be cleaned by mopping. With iRobot’s smart mop, you don’t have to worry about them. The smart mop will roam around your home, sprinkle your floor, and mop it to remove all stubborn dirt. Both smart home gadgets can be preprogrammed so that they do their job when you are not at home.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Many people believe that the most essential time of the day for them is when they get up from their bed. It will affect their mind and emotion for the rest of the day. If you have a good wake-up call, you will have a fresher mind and be readier to face the day. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is designed for this purpose. As an alarm clock, it will wake you up every morning, but this smart light also has a built-in lamp that simulates sunrise. This simulation is the plus feature of this alarm clock because the best waking up experience is when you are greeted by warm sunray. This alarm clock is one of the best home gadgets that you must have if you want to enjoy the warm sunrise even when it is raining.