Why Creating a Successful Advertisement is Important


In the modern era like today, people use various products to make their living better and easier. Therefore, it is common that you will see a ton of advertisements around be it in real life or online. Although there is a ton of it, only some ads are considered successful and get positive results. When a company managed to create successful ads, then the feedback from the public will be amazing and they will be able to sell more products. So, creating a successful advertisement should your goal.  

A successful advertisement will improve the company image

An advertisement can be considered successful not only from the financial factor but also in terms of the company’s or brand’s image. A successful advertisement will make people able to identify your company logo, slogan, jargon, tagline, catchphrase, or jingle in a positive way. Take a good look of Gillette as a successful razor product. The company has produced a worldwide product and people also know it as a good men’s product. The consistency in applying themes that revolved around men and their world is what makes Gillette known globally.

When you want to make a successful advertisement, it is also better to use a larger portion of visual. A good proportion of an advertisement to attract people should consist more visual and the rest could be spent towards the audio and text. This is why an icon is important when creating an advertisement. Your product should have a trademark icon and consistently show it to the public so the will remember your icon. Once your icon is remembered, then people will recognize any product you launch because your icon already has a good reputation in the eyes of the public.

Although focusing on the visual is good, but creating a visual-heavy advertisement won’t always be a wise decision. It is best to combine between verbal and visual content, although the proportion can be adjusted based on your product target. Good examples of successful advertisements can be found on the TV, where various companies combine both visual and verbal communication and execute them perfectly.

Continuously bringing customers and outshine the competitors

When an advertisement is able to bring new customers and keep the loyal customers to use your product, then the advertisement can be considered as a successful one. Continuously building a good customer base through various offers and bringing new customers at the same time will maintain the sustainability of your company. The next thing to do is to outshine your competitors that offer similar services or products.

Although the competitors might attract the same type of customers, your focus should be how to beat the number of people your competitors get. Being creative and out of the box are the key elements in creating a successful ad. You should also keep the originality of your advertisement so that you will have a better image on the eyes of the public.

Pay attention to your target audience

When you plan to make an advertisement, you should know the target audience of your product or service. This will allow you to limit the concept of the advertisement. If your target is children, then you can use polite and proper wording along with children-related images or animation. You should also pay attention to the advertisement timing. Again, if your target is children, then you should post or show your advertisement around the time where children are active such as around the after-school time. Aside from that, you should also pick the right media to post your advertisement based on the target audience. For example, if your target is the millennials, then posting your advertisement through various social media platform would be a good decision.

Drive the public opinion

If you want to create a more serious advertisement that involves social or cultural issues in your region, then you should be careful because it is a high-risk high-reward method. In a way, if your advertisement can’t interpret the social value that well or the public misinterprets your product, then you might receive bad responds ad feedbacks from them. But, if you successfully attract the people, then your brand or company image will become more positive, which will result in an increase in selling. The talents or influencers you use in the advertisement could also affect the social or cultural value in the advertisement. If the talent has a good or bad affiliation with the social issues you want to bring up in the advertisement, you will be able to tell from the financial perspective once the advertisement is shown to the public. Therefore, creating a successful advertising requires a thorough plan and research.