Worst Cars to Avoid in 2019


There are not exactly the worst cars to buy in 2019. If a car is simply the worst, why would it ever hit the market anyway? The worst car is thus a subjective term, but if that subject is you, you can easily identify a car that is not suitable for you. There are certain factors that make a certain car the worst car for you. Here we give you two specific clues of the factors that may encourage you to avoid certain cars in 2019. The first is fuel economy and the second is cabin space, especially in the third row.

Fuel Economy

You have invested a lot when buying a car, so why should you waste your money more by choosing a super thirsty car? If you want to buy a car with excellent fuel economy, all-electric and hybrid cars, such as Tesla Model 3 and Toyota Prius, are considered decent choices. You only have to make sure that you don’t fall into the following fuel traps.

  1. Dodge Grand Caravan GT

This large van can be a perfect vehicle for your family. With ample space, you won’t have a problem putting two or three adults on the back seat. It also quite powerful with its 6-cylinder 3.6-L engine. The only problem with this van is that it drains the fuel so fast that it needs one gallon to reach just about 11 miles on city road and 27 miles on the highway.

  • Nissan Armada

Another large car to watch out when buying a new car is Nissan Armada. This car offers many great features, including a strong V-8 engine, upscale interior and exterior, roomy cabin, automatic emergency braking, and cheap price for an SUV with a luxury look. However, when it comes to fuel economy, it is one of the worst cars on the market as it consumes one gallon only to reach 10 miles on city road and 20 miles on the highway.

  • Mercedes-Benz S550

Mercedes-Benz S550, a luxury car with many excellent features, turns out to be one of the worst cars when it comes to fuel economy. Buying this luxury car seems to be a dream, but its poor fuel economy may make your dream a nightmare. With this car, you get everything a luxury car has, including luxury interior, great amenities, a smooth and powerful engine, excellent ride quality, and many extravagant options. When it comes to fuel economy, however, this gas-guzzler can only reach 12 miles on city road and 28 miles on the highway with one gallon.

Cabin Space

When you care about cabin space, a car with third-row seating will become your favorite choice. There are indeed some cars with decent space for adult passengers, especially in the back seat, such as Chrysler Pacifica, Chevrolet Suburban, and Toyota Sienna. However, there are also cars with poorly designed third-row seating.

  • Land Rover Discovery

For both on-road and off-road fanatics, Land Rover Discovery has always been a legend that is excellent for adventuring. The 2019 model does come with some great features, such as an upscale cabin and tough square-jawed exterior look. However, in terms of space, both for rear passengers and for cargo, this car is absolutely one of the worst cars to buy.

  • Hyundai Santa Fe XL

The 2019 model of Hyundai Santa Fe XL is certainly not a cramped car. It is also not one of the worst cars in terms of space. It does offer decent space in the back, butthe space is not considered enough to offer comfort, especially if three adult passengers have to sit in the back. The cabin is roomy enough, but compared with many of its direct competitors, especially Chevrolet Traverse, this car doesn’t feel as spacious as it is luxurious.

  • Audi Q7

Audi Q7 comes with many excellent features in 2019, including modern interior design, high-end infotainment system, and excellent acceleration. Its third seat is also easy to fold. However, when it comes to space, the Audi Q7 is not the best car to buy. It is not among the worst cars, but the clumsy design of the second-row seat folding mechanism and the limited cargo and third-row seating space make it a car that you should avoid, especially if you care about space very much.


There are many good cars to buy in 2019 in terms of fuel economy and cabin space. However, there are also some cars which may not offer satisfying experience due to their poor fuel economy and poorly designed cabin. Knowing which cars are the worst cars and which cars are the best is important when you buy a new car in 2019.

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