Cross-Platform Software You Can Use in 2019


If what you call smart device ranges from everything held by your hand to everything sitting on your desk, you need cross-platform software to be installed on all of your smart devices. Most mobile apps are already cross-platform because they are available on both Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. What we will be discussing here, however, is not about cross-platform apps available only on mobile devices, but also those available for both mobile devices and PCs. When you have to switch between your mobile smart device and your PC, installing cross-platform software on all of your devices will make your life easier, more convenient, and more efficient.

Internet Browser

Access to the internet is the primary reason for the existence of smart devices. Choosing cross-platform software to browse the internet is important because of one reason: an internet browser stores most, if not all, of your browsing data, including cookies, bookmarks, passwords, etc. If you choose a cross-platform browser, those important data will be synced between your smartphone and computer, allowing you to gain access to them in a convenient and efficient way, regardless of the type of smart device you are using.

Most internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, are cross-platform browsers that you can install on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices; however, some browsers, such as Apple’s Safari (the PC version was discontinued in 2012) and Samsung Internet Browser, are exclusive for mobile devices. If you prefer synched internet browsing experience between your mobile device and your PC, you should know which internet browser to pick.


The development of mobile device technologies is fueled mostly by the demand for a better gaming experience. You need a new smartphone with a bigger RAM and a faster processor because you want to play games, don’t you? There are thousands of free, freemium and paid games on Play Store and App Store; however, if you want to play games with PC users or if you want to play games on your PC with your child who uses your smartphone, you need to install cross-platform games on your devices.

There are a number of games that are designed to be cross-platform software, the most famous of which are Minecraft Bedrock Edition (previously called Pocked Edition), Flats, and Crashlands. The cross-platform support for those games is considered the best compared with that of other cross-platform games. If you want to start your game on your smartphone and then to continue it on your PC, install those games.

File Sharing Software

Sharing files between your PC and mobile device should be a frequent activity when you are a cross-platformer. Moving files between your PC and your smartphone can actually be done using a USB cable, Bluetooth, File Transfer Protocol, or the file manager’s built-in file sharing function in your smartphone.

However, all of those traditional file sharing methods are rarely considered convenient, especially for commoners. If you need to share your photos, videos, music, and other files conveniently between your PC and smartphone, there are actually some intuitive applications that you can use. The most popular of them include ShareIt, Zapya, and Xender. They are available both as mobile apps and cross-platform software that you can install on your PC. You can use ShareIt and Zapya on your PC using either an internet browser or an installed application, while Xender for PC is currently available only as a browser-based application.

Digital Assistant

A digital assistant is the core thing that makes your smart devices alive. Given the complexity of how this software works, you may doubt that it can be made cross-platform. The big picture is that a digital assistant is always exclusive. Google has its own Google Now for Android, Microsoft has Cortana, and Apple has Siri. The question is, can you really make those digital assistants cross-platform? Can you use Siri on Android, for instance? If you are an Apple user, your digital assistant is actually already cross-platform hardware-wise because you can use it on your iPhone and Mac, as well as other Apple devices, including watches and TVs. However, you can never use Siri on other platforms like Android and Windows, just like you cannot use Google Now on Windows (even if you use Chrome) and Apple’s OS. Cortana is perhaps the only cross-platform software here because you can install it on Android (you can even install Microsoft Launcher bundled with Cortana on Android) and on iOS devices. If you want the digital magazines on your PC and smartphone show similarly relevant content and if you want your digital assistant to record your digital behavior, you should consider using Cortana as your cross-platform digital assistant.