Work Life: Passion or Talents


Right after you finish your study, the next obstacle of life that you need to face sooner or later is the office life. Of course, there might be many things coming across your mind: fear, excitement, worry, all are mixed into one. Believe it or not, this could be one of those things you want to figure out: how to pick the right career? Here are a few factors that you might need to consider.

1. Passion

First thing first, you need to find out the field of work that you love. Ask yourself: what is it that keeps you going? Some people might like numbers and statistics, something that is exact and definite. But some others might be more fond of nurturing the earth or demonstrating an advanced skill of public speaking. Commonly, during the years of schools, people are more exposed to primary education like science, math, and language, but not so much on humanities. Thus, try to find out which kind of a person are you? The one who works better behind a desk or the one who needs to keep moving? The one who sees the big picture and makes every little detail of the plan, or the one who puts it into action and execute the plans until it is carried out well? This is very much needed, because how can you hold on for a very long time if you do not even love what you are doing?

2. Salary

After you finish figuring out which one speaks of you, you can start to find the potential jobs that might fit you. Narrow it down to the professions based on the field of work, company as well as the region. When it comes to a guide of how to pick the right career, you cannot deny that salary is one of the top priorities. It does not mean you are materialistic, it means you are realistic enough to know how to value your own work. Once you have grown up, you must have realized that there are so many necessities you need to fulfill, and as an adult, you cannot just choose something you love but does not pay well. This will lead you to disaster, and the possibility would be: you might want to change your company or even your job for a couple of times. Of course, this can cause inconvenience, for you are throwing away the ladder of job position you have climbed and must start from the scraps again and again.

3. Skills and Talents

Besides the other two factors, this is another one that you might consider when you are in the middle of job hunting. Look for a job that you might be best at. If you want to get paid well, of course, you need to excel every task that is given to you. Afterall a good pay comes with a good price as well. If you do not want to get fired from the job that you really love, it is either you have to make a great connection with your upper lines or if you are an individualist, you have to be really good at it. Find out what is your expertise along with your passion; this way, the salary will also follow through since they both walk in line.

If you are still confused about from where to start, you might even ask the people close to you about how to pick the right career, especially your seniors who have already settled in that area. Make sure to do a little interview to gather the information about the job or company you are about to apply to. The goals of this interview are to gain their personal perspectives and insights related to the desired profession you would like to achieve, about the good along with bad sides of it. This way, you can also find out whether or not what is imagined in your brain about the job is exactly the same as the reality, and if it fits your lifestyle from now onwards. Their opinions about the pros and cons of your dream career might be very valuable to put into consideration as it can determine the strategy you might need to pull on when you are about to start working. If you do not have these people around you, you can always browse and do a little research through sites as well as videos. After all, knowing the war field before you go to attack will be much better, so you will be able to adapt faster and adjust better.

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