What Do The Job Interview Questions Mean?


In a career world, a job interview is a stage that determines whether you are accepted to work in a dream company or not. A number of questions will be asked by the interviewer to find out your credibility as an employee.

For that, you must prepare yourself so that later you can answer the questions raised by the interviewer and leave a positive impression. Including preparing answers like what you have to give to convince the interviewer.

The following are the meanings of several questions that are often asked during interviews, as well as the best answers so you get a dream job

Try to tell about yourself!

When you are asked to describe yourself, the interviewer is not merely curious about your original character which is then adjusted to the needs of the company. However, the interviewer also wants to know the extent of your communication skills, how you present and explain things, especially when presenting yourself.

The other meanings of this question are:

1. How do you prepare for an interview?

2. What makes you special?

3. Why do they have to accept you as an employee?

Do this: Again, before the interview, you must prepare yourself by practicing answering this question. The essence of the answer must be to mention the achievement you want to get, the experience you have experienced, and what your motivation is towards success.

Why are you interested in applying for a job at this company?

This question is certainly to find out whether you have researched the company or not, and how far you know the development of the company you are applying for. Your answer will show how much interest and enthusiasm to work there.

Are you willing to attend training and get a certificate?

The meaning of this question:

1. Are you flexible (easily formed) to meet company goals?

2. Are you capable of working in teams?

3. Will you do your best when faced with a difficult job?

4. What is your attitude when given extra work? Willing or not?

Do this: Answer this question by implying that you are a person who is able to work in a team, wants to learn, understand the importance of education and intellectual progress.

Why does this company have to hire you?

The direction of this question is so that you understand about the position being proposed and its compatibility with your competency. Take advantage of this question to sell your abilities. Speak if you don’t just want to work, but also will love the best for the company. In this way, the interviewer will judge you as someone who believes in your own abilities.

What do you want to ask us?

The meaning of this question:

1. Are you preparing for an interview by looking for information about the company first?

2. Are you seriously interested in the position you are applying for or just trying it out?

Do this: Collect questions about the company you want to enter, don’t need a lot, one or two enough to prove you have a great interest in the company.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

This question is not only to find out your goals in the future, but also to see how well you are putting together a plan with the steps you have taken to achieve it. In your answer, it will also be assessed whether you have the ambition to grow and develop a professional career that is rational, including seeing if there are plans that are in line with the company’s plans.

Do this: If you give an answer that implies that you will only be in this company for just one or two years, then most companies will not accept you. Remember, during the interview, your goal is to work only one, namely to be a loyal and committed employee of the company.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

When the interviewer asks about your strengths, he is finding out whether you can be an asset to their company? And, how you assess your own professional talents and abilities?

Whereas if the interviewer asks about your weaknesses, he is looking to find out if you will tell the truth about yourself to them? And, how realistic you are for yourself?

Do this: Be humble when revealing your strengths, don’t be arrogant. Mention examples of work or activities that represent your shortcomings. But, don’t spend too much time mentioning flaws, better short and solid. Also prepare wise answers if they then ask, “What did you do to overcome these shortcomings?”

Now, you have understood the meaning of job interview questions. Then, you should prepare yourself if you will do it.

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