Top Five of Compromised Marketing Methods


When it comes to running a business, marketing is the pillar of your business. Whether your company runs in advance, or it sinks to the bottomless pit of sea, it is up to your marketing team’s hand. Thus, every company has to be careful to set up their marketing plans, so the message will be delivered well. Here are top three of compromised marketing methods that you can try!

1. Bombard the Social Media

In this era, no one can deny that social media is a necessity in everyone’s daily life. Even when people just wake up, many of them right away open the social media to check on what is happening worldwide now. One of the top three of compromised marketing methods is to make a good use of your brand’s page. You can try to boost up you posts. As there are more companies using social media for its marketing leverage, the public has also grown deaf for it. However, if you hire a paid boost button, you can market your products to thousands potential buyers.

Not only that, you can always use duplicate tool to make many ads, in which one element in every ad is changed. Only by paying some small amount of money, you will be able to identify which advertisement works better-use it to bombard the social media afterward. Another way is to keep engaged personally with your customer. You can retweet and share when they post something about your product. Give them a slice of your thoughts or maybe gratitude for their feedbacks. This way, people will feel more appreciated and are willing to share more about your brand in the future.

You can also post it in blogs. Studies show that bloggers are best promoters when it comes to business. This is because many bloggers are influencers, in which when they write a review about your product, most likely common people will trust them and try out your product. When you post it on your brand’s website, do not forget to make a toggle or share button, so it will be spread around fast. Easy, isn’t it?

2. Speak Up through the Public Relations Lines

Even if we are living in technology era, public relation is still much needed that it climbs up to top three of compromised marketing methods. Unlike sharing and retweeting that is more fitted to Gen Z, older people might love to keep in touch through public relations’ or marketing team’s officer. However, you must keep in mind that you should not brag. People are not fond of listening to promotional information, they think of it as a waste of time. However, if you show off the real values of your products-why it is different from other brand of their kinds, why it has to be yours? Try to grab their attention by observing their needs and engaging with them emotionally, so you will understand how to reach out to them and make them see your products’ values. Choose your wording wisely. If possible, attract the public’s attention through one sentence only. That’s it. People do not like spending much time for boring speaking after all. Not only that, you can also try out outdoor marketing, such as putting up a billboard in the middle of a very crowded street. Do not forget to make it as catchy as possible; that way, people will see and actually remember your advertisement as they are waiting for the traffic jam.

3. Put Up an Alert and Use Clickbait When it comes to marketing, you do not only have to make a good marketing plan, but you also have to advance at least one step ahead your competitors. Observing becomes one of top three of compromised marketing methods because it will give you another insight. Use a Google Alert for other company’s brand, study how they market their product and see how they engage with their target audience. You can also figure out in which platforms they are mentioned most often and in what kind of occasion. If you understand the context, you can make a plan out of it by mapping out what becomes a trend. In addition, when you put up a paid ads, do not forget to use smart verses as a clickbait. When there are more people who click it, the rates of your product will soar high and automatically, it will be promoted on your potential customer’s timeline more often to attract people’s curiosity as well.

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