The Most Common Start-up Business Mistake


Start-up companies have become a business phenomenon in this era. Many start-up companies have been launched every month in most countries around the world. Though starting a small business or start-up seems easy because you can use your own money, in fact, it is not an easy thing to do. There are plenty of things to think about and decisions to make. The great number of start-up company which has been launched does not mean they all have the same path toward a successful business. It is because people often make common start-up mistake which dangerously impacts and ruin their business. Here are listed the most common start-up mistake people usually do

Skipping a Business Plan

Though the planning phase may be boring, it is still the most important things to do first before you even start your business. You have to make a plan which includes a business plan, financial plan, and marketing plan. These plans will help you to have a picture of what and how your business will run. Having none of those plans will make to operate in the dark. It is because the plans outline your first years in running your company. Without having them, you will be blind because you do not know what to do after your company has been launched. Not making a business plan is the top mistake a beginner entrepreneur makes.

Not Setting Goals

The next mistake people make in starting a small business is that they are not setting any goals. Do not have a business plan is resulting in having no goals. Outlining the first years of your company means you set several goals for your business. For example, in the first year of running your business, your company has to secure its funding, in the second year, your company has to reach and have an ideal market of your product or service, and so on. Having no plans result in having no goals which result in failure of running your business. Plans and goals also help you in keeping your business on track during day-to-day operations. Make sure you have set your plans and goals before starting your business.

Undervaluing Your Product and Service

Lack of confidence and fear of failure causes the most entrepreneur to under-price their product. Once you have fallen to this path, it takes a long road to recover from undervaluing your product or service. Being an entrepreneur and starting a business means that you must have confidence and you are willing to face the worst scenario in running your business. Believing that your product or service is good enough to compete with other’s company does not mean you have to be overconfidence. Lack of courage may ruin your business, but having an overconfidence attitude is way more dangerous. However, you need to research and explore the market as you start your company to find the best market price entry point of your product or service.

Avoiding New Technologies

It is also the common start-up mistake which a beginner entrepreneur usually commits. Living in an era where technologies have a great role in helping humanity, one cannot avoid their impact. Not knowing how to use new technologies will cause your business to lose in competition with other company which optimizes the use of technologies. Technologies are useful enough to help small business running efficiently. It also helps you to save some money. Though learning and adapting to any kind of new technologies developed may be intimidating and may take a long time, it still becomes an important thing to do. Unwillingness to adapt and use technology can hurt your business both in short and long term.

Doing It by Your Only Self

Human is social beings. Therefore, they cannot run things on their own. They need the others in order to keep surviving. You cannot start your business by doing things all alone. You need the experts (in case you are not good enough in making plans and marketing plans), investors (if you need more findings for your business), and obviously employees. You need help from those people in order to build and run your business. You may also need help from your family, colleague, and other expert entrepreneurs. Do not ever think that you can run a successful business by not asking others to help you.

Knowing the most common start-up mistake, now you know how to avoid common mistakes and start your business. Expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst scenario. Success does not come in such an easy way, you have to struggle for it.