Suitable Professions for Game Lovers


It is not that easy, just like everyone thinks, having a passion for gaming. Gamers must face personal criticals from people around them. It is because gamers mostly spend a lot of times to play their favorite games. Moreover, gaming also takes quite many investments. For example, money is surely needed to buy the newest and most favorite games. However, if you are able to bring your love for gaming to more positive sides, you will be able to get jobs which are related to games. Here are suitable professions for those who love to play games.

Game Designer

The first suitable profession for game lovers is a game designer. A game designer gives an interesting plot and unique touches to a game. A game designer has duties to design the content of a game and how the game will be played. This profession also needs to define as well as design the point of a game. It can be said that a game designer is the architect of a game. Those who work as a game designer must design the entire game, from the plot until how the game ends. Do you have an interest in this profession? Then, you must have deep knowledge of the hardware used to play a game. For example, what kind of computer specifications which are needed to run a game so that it is able to operate well.

Game Animator

Do you have a passion to create a more lively game? Then, deepen your skills and knowledge to be a game animator. Actually, there is nothing wrong if you think that an animator is the one who creates characters and pictures on a screen. But the responsibility is more suitable for a movie animator. On the other hand, a movie animator is different from a game animator. The actual duties of a game animator are describing or drawing movements and habits in a game. A static game is surely boring, isn’t it? This is the reason why a game animator designs a movement like 3D. Tactical games which contain a lot of movements are one of the games which need a professional game animator.

Game Artist

People who work as a game artist have a responsibility to create visual elements in a game. For instance, characters, objects, views, vehicles, even the costumes of the characters in a game. If you find a game that has super realistic characters or the one that is rich in visual, it is the hard work of the game artists.

Game Programmer

The next profession for a game lover is a game programmer. A game programmer is definitely needed so that a game can be played. The job of a game programmer is writing program codes in a game. The codes will not appear on your computer or smartphone screen. But the codes are responsible for making a game runs like how it should. When a game character runs, jumps, walks, or runs out of energy, there are several codes which are run by the machine. So, can you even imagine how genius a game programmer is?

Audio Engineer

An audio engineer is responsible for making the aura of a game with their musical composition. An audio engineer has a responsibility to produce sounds and music for a game. They also have to make sure the quality of the sounds or audio. Such as the music, the voices of the game characters, the sounds of the vehicles, guns, and any voices and sounds which are usually used in a game. For you who love music and games as well, this profession might be suitable for you.

Project Manager

A project manager is necessary for a game industry. They are responsible for creating brand awareness so that a game can be marketed well. Besides promoting and holding a campaign for a game, a project manager is also involved in deciding the target market, the characters and scenario of a game, and also handling and determining a budget for promotion. That is quite a lot of jobs, right?

Game Tester \

The last profession is a game tester. A game tester is required to play a game, then researching and taking notes about all bugs, mistakes, and errors in a game. You have to take notes, record, and make a report about all of those mistakes in a game so that the game programmer is able to directly fix the errors. This way, a game will be ready to be played and launched in the market