New Camera Technologies You Can See in 2019


One of the best excitements that technology offers is the ability to capture and record high-quality photographs and videos. New camera technologies always appear every year. From drones to full-frame mirrorless cameras and 360-degree cameras, technological breakthroughs give you many new exciting ways to get the best snapshots of you and your surroundings. In 2019, you can expect the emergence of new technologies that give you even bigger excitements in the field of photography. What are they? Here are some of the best camera technologies that you can now see in 2019.

Sharp’s 8K Consumer Camera

With 4K becoming mainstream, stepping up to the 8K ecosystem is definitely a satisfying endeavor for every photographer. 8K photography has indeed become increasingly more common within the last few years; however, its distribution is mostly only among professionals. On the consumer market, 8K technology is not yet widely received due to its high price. Sharp’s new 8K consumer camera is the world’s first consumer camera that adopts this technology, allowing ordinary people to capture and record high-res photos and videos with a camera that they can afford.

Pivo Smart Pod

Panoramic and 360-degree photos have become a norm nowadays. For people who have a Ricoh Theta camera and other high-end 360-degree cameras, capturing 360-degree photos and even videos is definitely not a hassle; however, for people who still have to rely on their phone or tiny GoPro cameras, maintaining stability when capturing a panoramic or 360-degree photo can be a real challenge. Pivo Smart Pod is a handy pod that ensures perfect stability when capturing such photo. By mounting a phone or GoPro camera on it, this pod will slowly swivel to allow the camera to capture a perfectly adjusted panoramic or 360-degree photo. As a smart pod, it also offers some enhanced features, such as tiny planet effect and its inverted mode.

Zhiyun Crane 3 Lab

When capturing a moving photo or shooting a motion picture using a DSLR camera, you often cannot rely on your hand because using your hand to hold the camera may compromise the image’s stability. With this professional-grade stabilizer, you can guarantee ultimate smoothness when shooting your video. This stabilizer not only ensures smooth movement of your camera but also ensures a smooth camera zoom and focus functions because of its ability to coordinate the camera’s zoom and focus levels. As a smart stabilizer, it can be controlled using its joystick or using an app that you can install on your phone.

Canon Vixia G50

A 4K camcorder for amateur photographers, content creators, and vloggers is often considered a rarity. There are a few models that are already circulating on the market, but every Vixia user knows that finding a good match for this camcorder is almost impossible. When Canon finally releases the G50 model, which features 4K recording capability at 30 fps, it is certainly good news for Vixia users. With a cost that they can afford, Canon Vixia G50 is one of the very few camcorders that support 4K recording. Besides, it also features 20x zoom lens, slow-motion and fast-motion video recording, image stabilization, and Dual Pixel CMOS AF. If you are looking for a consumer-level camcorder with professional-grade video recording capability, this G50 model can be the best model you can buy now.

Gladius Underwater Drone

So far, the competition among drones is mostly about “how high can you go.” Indeed, you can capture great photos and videos when you take them from high-enough vantage points; however, don’t you know that the most beautiful scenery on earth is actually located underwater? With this underwater drone, you can explore the depth of the sea and capture the most amazing photos and videos of the underwater environment, including its mesmerizing coral reefs and lifeforms. This underwater drone is also designed to reach difficult areas that are even divers cannot reach. Just like modern smart drones, this drone can also be controlled using your smartphone. At this time, however, this drone is still tethered with a 165-foot cord. In the future, we can expect a drone model like this to be wireless.

Kodak Smile

Kodak Smile is a camera that everyone will love. This instant-print digital camera allows you to transform your selfies into physical photographs. If you miss the era of Polaroid cameras, this small camera gadget can be your most excellent gadget. This fancy instant-print digital camera also has many great features, such as its ability to allow you to edit your photos before you share them or print them.