Must-Have Tech Tools For Your Small Business


As an entrepreneur, you know that running your small business can be both rewarding and extremely tiring.  Having the right tech tools on hand can help ease the workload on your shoulders.  

Technology has worked in tandem with business to some degree for as long as history records.  In fact, there are so many different tech tools to streamline your business that it can be hard to choose which are best.  

Take the time you have now to read through a brief look at some of the best tech tools for your small business.  Consider where you might need some improvement, and look for solutions in these suggestions.  


Taking notes is essential for running a successful business operation.  When you’re just starting up your business, you have a lot of new and important tasks to keep in line.  

You’ll need an efficient way to keep order in the midst of chaos, and Evernote is one piece of technology that will help you achieve your goals.  

The platform will take your notes and place them in order by prioritizing the most important tidbits first.  You can also use Evernote across any and all of your various mobile devices.  


Keeping a close eye on your finances is a crucial aspect of running a successful business operation.  If your financial software needs refreshing, don’t waste another day running an outdated program.  

Expensify is a great way to bypass the expense of hiring an accountant.  The program will make it simple for you to keep track of your incoming and outgoing funds.  You can capitalize on the free trial period offered to see just how helpful Expensify can be.  


Your social media marketing will jump to the next level with Hootsuite on your side.  Hootsuite helps your business by providing a platform from which you can manage all of your social media accounts in one place.  Use Hootsuite to help boost your social media engagement by maintaining an active presence across several platforms.  


Email marketing is a piece of technology that every business can utilize to boost connectivity with targeted consumers.  MailChimp is a piece of tech that will help you know whether or not your email marketing campaigns are effective.  

Test engagement levels of your email recipients, and make the necessary adjustments to your approach.  Reaching out to consumers through email can be a powerful medium when used correctly. 


Asana is another excellent tool for boosting your operation’s organizational efficiency.  Track your office workflow, and organize tasks based on priority. Asana is especially fitting for remote business operations, as it gives you the ability to oversee your employees’ individual progress.


EngageBay is an integrated, cloud-based all-in-one marketing, sales & support CRM for growing businesses and solo professionals such as artists, bloggers and freelancers. EngageBay offers a set of powerful features such as 360 degree customer view, marketing automation, email marketing, landing pages, web forms, appointment scheduling, contact management Free CRM, CRM database, free live chat software, SLAs, ticketing, views and macros, all priced at very affordable rates. EngageBay is mobile responsive, has a simple, user-friendly interface and integrates well with a number of third-party apps and services.