Different Earrings Wearing Styles Give You a Different Look


Guys with ear holes must have this feeling: Since I have pierced my ears, half of my shopping desires are to satisfy this “little demon”. Even so, in the face of different styles, we will still be dazzled personalized pet photo necklace. Why not check out these nine most popular earrings styles, you will be able to satisfy all your “shopping desires”!

1. Tassels earrings

Colorful string or beads of various colors can be made into live and lovely earrings. Their furry or shiny textures are very endearing custom name bracelet. Whether it’s an embroidered dress or a hot dew shoulder clothes, you can add a touch of amorous feelings through the tassel ring.

2. Linear ball earrings

The linear ball earrings are the new favorite of this year. The round ball are cute and adorkable. In order to decorate the face shape, several balls are stringed into a string, giving people a lovely custom pet necklace and slimmer feelings. A pair of gradient orange earrings to match the sand color dress and makeup, which is bold and sexy. Even the white tops, which are the basics of the summer season, can be changed to “abnormal” by them.

3. Asymmetric earrings

Who said that the two earrings should be the same? Asymmetric earrings, which were popular before, are still a big hit. Such a combination of long and short is the most basic and versatile configuration, its decoration effect is also first-class. Or simply wear one or two different pairs of earrings to go with each other. It is a good way to be stylish custom dog necklace and save money.

4. Hoops earrings

The craze of hoops earring has lasted several seasons, and they’re still hot. In the hot summer days, it is precisely this kind of “one circle” style that is very simple and can make people feel refreshed. These earrings are also refreshing with a brilliant printing.

5. Ear cuff

The ear cuff is a cool girl’s choice, but it doesn’t mind being elegant. Diamond ear cuff with black suit, neat side parting and big red lips is also a plus, making people mature, rational, and not old-fashioned. If you want to be even cooler, you can choose this kind of squama-like style engraved photo necklace, and match with the street style vest is full of boys’ temperament.

6. Mini earrings

The coolest thing in summer is these mini earrings. It is small and takes up little place, and still can have proper adornment effect. It is definitely a must-have item for everyone. For example, this earring with a fascinating pendant is small and interesting; or you can wear a pair of lively earrings to get rid of depressing feeling.

7. Artistical Earrings

In the last few seasons, this kind of art style earrings that can’t be seen the exact shape is extremely hot! Just like the micro-works made by the artists, wearing them to gather or go out, you can also pretend to be the artistic youth. If you want a high-profile cheap name necklace, you can choose a gold or metal texture. If you want to be more creative, you can choose a style with a high saturation or a more abstract image.

8. Linear earrings

A lot of girls like the linear earrings; they don’t lose the feminine beauty, but also bring a cold temperament, which is best suited to create a goddess feeling. When you join the party in the summer season, choose a linear earrings with a bling effect, and turn into a sexy and powerful goddess!

9. Crystal chandelier earrings

Seeing this tassel long earring made up of sequins and rhinestones, you can immediately think of crystal chandeliers, which happen to have the visual impact of crystal chandeliers. You can also try these slightly sinister, pop-up crystal earrings when you join the party, and you are guaranteed to be the brightest one in the room.

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