8 Essential Elements for Your WordPress Blog


There are some elements that a WordPress blog should have. This is essential in order to make your blog becomes more and more professional. The more features your blog have, the more reader will be attracted to it as it provides their experience. Furthermore, it will help you bound them to be your loyal visitor and finally emphasize your blog among the others.

  1. Activate Comment Place

You may already know about this, but something is not right when you visit some blog pages where you can’t leave any comment. WordPress have been already provided with comment system. However, it should be activated first, so that you can make use of it.

Comment system will allow you to establish interactions between you and the readers. You would be able to get response of your posts and give them feedback afterward. This way, you can construct trust between you and the reader, so you can gain their loyalty.

In order to improve your comment place, you can link it with facebook comments, jetpack or disqus. Every time you want to publish a post, you can customize this feature. When you got comment, you should better give response back and do not forget to activate spam filter.

2. Complete The About Page

About Page is also important enough since this is a place where you can introduce yourself. Your reader will absolutely want to know more about you when they think your post is interesting enough. So, do not forget to complete basics information which is included at the page like your personal information along with a photo, the blog’s main topics and what you are interested in.

It is good to make the about page as outstanding as possible, but do not exaggerated. It is also okay to include any encouragement statement to subscribe your blog. Just make sure you have fun with the about page.

3. Social Media Sharing System

This system is really fundamental in order to raise your WordPress blog traffic. When your reader shares your post on their social media, it will serve as direct promotion to visit your page. There are various social media of a person can have including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

You can install social media sharing system by using tools like AddThis, Social Warefare or AddtoAny. After installing it, you can write some sentences for asking your reader to share the post. Imagine if one reader shares the blog content to all their social media, their circle will notice your page and visit it instantly. Do not hesitate to do this.

4. Content Categories

This can be accounted as a must element in your WordPress blog. The categories item will organize all of posts you have uploaded so far. This feature will not only guide your reader, but it also helps in matter of search engine optimization.

For creating categories, you should pay attention on topics of your writing, keywords as well as trends. You are also allowed to modify the categories into more than one. This will actually assist in promoting traffic to each posts.

5. Subscriber Registration

One way to have loyal reader is to make them as your subscriber. You can ask your reader to write their email, so that you can send them the newest post of your blog through email marketing. In WordPress, you can use the built in subscriber registration that requires to enter an email.  There is various place you can put the feature like footer or sidebar on the website or at opening and end of every article you’ve published.

6. Contact Information

Contact information is written in different page with About page. The contact page is needed to provide your readers and prospective media to keep in touch with you. Most bloggers will put their phone number as well as email address. Meanwhile, some bloggers insist to keep their personal life from becoming public and only provide contact form on this specific page.

7. Unique Icon

When your blog has advancing and you expecting to make money from it, you should think about a unique icon as soon as possible. Unique icon or logo is substantial to exhibit and make your blog position stronger in blogging world. This would make a big impact because every reader who visit your page will feel secure for it.

8. Your Personal Social Media

Beside hoping your readers to share your post on their social media, you also need to include your own social media links, so that they will follow you. To do this, you need to customize the social media icon that will lead them to your account. As for the rest, you can place the icons wherever you desire.