Profitable Franchise Businesses you can Start in Noida


As per reports, Noida has emerged as one of the most affordable commercial hubs in the country. The average monthly rent quoted in the city by property developers is around Rs. 57 per square feet, which directly makes Noida an attractive hub for expanding a business.

Aspiring individuals can make the most of the commercial advantages of the city by opening a popular franchise business in the same.

Though setting up a franchise requires substantial funds, individuals can opt for a business loan in Noida to expand their operations.

Here is a list of profitable franchise business ideas for you to explore –

  • Car maintenance and repair services

The number of vehicles is growing in Noida at a rapid rate. Investors who are looking for a profitable business idea in Noida can tap into the growing demand for vehicles and start a franchise of popular car maintenance and repair services.

Since repairing a car regularly is a must for extending its service life, the demand for car service centres will never run out of business. 

However, individuals who want to invest in such ventures should tie-up with a popular car servicing brand. When individuals associated with a reputed car servicing brand, they more likely to avail valuable information on how to grow their auto repair service directly from the representatives of the brand. 

  • Healthcare and pathology lab

The healthcare and wellbeing sector is thriving in India, it serves as a sustainable opportunity for investors to start a profitable venture in this sector. 

They can tie up with a popular pathology lab that operates across several states and encash on its brand name by starting its franchise in Noida.

Interested individuals can seek financial assistance from any leading financial institution to avail a business loan for the required finances. However, before availing such loans, individuals should also match business loan eligibility with theirs.

  • Food and dining outlets

The food and dining business is counted among those few business ideas which will never go out of fashion. Additionally, the overall improvement in the purchasing power and living standards of the residents of Noida will prove profitable for food and dining business. 

Investors can consider starting a franchise of a popular restaurant in the city that caters to the taste and preference of the locals the most.

Aspiring restaurant franchise owners can avail financial assistance from lending institutions and avail a business loan in Noida to fund their franchise idea.

They can consider loans from lending institutions like Bajaj Finserv, who extend substantial loan amounts at attractive interest rates without the requirement to pledge assets.

They also provide pre-approved offers that make availing loans quick and hassle-free. Pre-approved offers are available on several financial products, including unsecured credits like personal loans, business loans, secured advances like home loans, etc. 

Digital marketing and advertising agency

Active digital marketing and the presence on the internet is the need of the hour for every big and small brand to cope with the stifling market competition. Individuals can take advantage of such a revolutionary marketing venture and start a franchise in Noida by investing in an e-advertising brand.

By availing a comprehensive business loan in Noida, individuals can finance their franchise business idea and start a digital marketing and advertising firm that caters to the city digital media-based requirements.

Additionally, the surging demand for digital marketing and advertising services serves as one of the reasons to invest business loan in the advertising business.

Before starting any franchise business in Noida, individuals should gauge the opportunities and the challenges the location extends. Moreover, they should ensure the business idea they opt for is sustainable and taps into the commercial spirit of Noida.