5 Tips to Write a Good Blog Post


Every part of your blog has an important role in deciding how your blog performance. However, among many parts, you can find the blog post hold a bigger percentage of your blog’s result. Basically, if you can write a good blog post, you already have 50% of a good result. The rest of it is how you promote your blog, design it, and others. Now, the important question is how can we write a good blog post?

Write Best Title and Opening Paragraph

First of all, write an interesting and inviting title. However, do not write the misleading title or the title that isn’t related at all to your blog post content. Through the title, your visitor must understand what they are going to find in that blog post.

After the title, you also need to write a good opening paragraph. In writing a blog post, you need to use the reverse pyramid concept. That means your opening paragraph must contain all the information that you put into your blog post. The next paragraph will explain that information in detail.

When the reader read the opening paragraph, they will want to know more about the information. In order to get that information, they continue reading the rest of the post. This is also the secret of keeping your reader stay in your blog.

Specific Target

Decide the specific audience you want to get with your blog post. You can easily attract more reader this way. However, even though you have a specific audience or reader to aim with your blog post, you can’t write that blog post, so only that audience can understand the information in it. Make sure the other audience also can easily understand the information by making it not too technical.

Show the Real Value through the Blog Post

Rather than writing about how good or knowledgeable, you are in a specific field, write about the detail information about that specific field.  Your goal here is creating a blog post that is really useful for its reader. This is how you show your blog real value to your audience through your blog post.

There are many benefits you can get from creating a blog post like this. It will make the reader visit your blog again. So, it can increase your blog traffic. Moreover, it also can build trust between you, as the blog owner, and your reader. Once again, it will increase the blog traffic as well as make them become one of the loyal readers.

Optimize Your Blog Post for Search Engine

This is an obvious rule you have to follow. Of course, you want to make people easily find your blog, don’t you? That’s the main purpose of creating a blog, especially if you also want to make money using your blog. So, how can we optimize the blog post for a better result in search engine page? Here is what you need to do:

  • Use the optimize titles by including the main keyword in it,
  • Use the correct keyword inside your blog post. The keyword here must be related to your blog post content, otherwise, the search engine will ignore it,
  • Place the keywords on the right place in your blog post (a first sentence or last sentence of your blog post).
  • Add a link to the trusted and popular website, such as Wikipedia, TripAdvisor and many more. Make sure you choose the source website that related to your blog post content.

There are many sources on the internet where you can learn more about SEO technique. Or, you also can ask help from the professional SEO service, if you want a better result. Of course, you will need a budget to do this, but it’s worth to do, especially if you want to make money with your blog.

Call to Action

Always create a “call to action” paragraph in your blog post. Usually, the best place to put it is at the end of your blog post. The last paragraph must be the “call to action” paragraph. You don’t need to specify this paragraph to promote the product or service. You also can use it to guide your reader to visit other blog posts in your blog.


Using the right method to create a blog post will give you many benefits. On the other hand, you also can save your time, money and energy for promoting your blog. As you can see, a good blog post is one of the best ways to promote your blog. That’s the basic guide about how to write a good blog post.