4 Common Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid


People make mistake. And, it happens to all aspects of your life, including when you manage your blog. The blogging mistakes commonly happen when someone just starts a blog, and that blog is the first blog in their life. The funny thing is you also can see many experienced bloggers has similar problem. Therefore, you need to know these mistakes in order to avoid it. Let’s start!

  • Crazy Publishing Schedule

Usually, when you just start a blog, you have a lot of ideas you want to put into your blog post. Then, you post many contents every day and decide to continue using this pace. If you follow this method – posting something whenever you have an idea – you will only face a big problem in the future. You will be slowing down and in the end, you’ll stop posting.

The best way is by creating a posting schedule. If you have a lot of ideas, you can create a draft by using those ideas. Then, you post it one by one according to your schedule. This will save your energy and passion. Moreover, your visitor will also know when they have to expect something from your blog. It will make them visit your blog regularly and turn them into a loyal visitor.

  • Forget about Whitespace

Writing 500 to 1000 words of an article is easy if you have an idea and clear information about what you are going to write. Then, you write an article with that length and maybe even much longer. After that you post it. The result is your readers feel uncomfortable and leave your blog often.

The main problem is you don’t use whitespace or heading. A wall of text in one post is honestly scary. It’s tiring to read them, especially if you read it using a mobile gadget. In the end, the reader stops to read it without understanding the topic in that post.

Giving whitespace and heading for every paragraph will help you to create a comfortable-to-read post. There is also a simple formula you can use to maximize this whitespace and heading method. You need to write your content in a short sentence. And, if you can do it, create a paragraph that has at least 3 lines and maximum 5 lines.

  • The Click Here

Adding a link to other websites is the best way to make your blog easy to find. For example, if you write about Bali, you can add a link to Wikipedia that explains about Bali or famous traveling website, if your topic related to vacation in Bali. However, mostly, the beginner blogger uses the “Click Here” word to guide their visitor to visit those other websites. This is a big mistake.

The “Click Here” word gives your post uncertainty. Moreover, it also looks like the source you can’t trust. Your visitor feels like they don’t know what they will find at the need of that link. This will lower your blog credibility, which something you don’t want. What is the solution?

It is simple. Just use the keyword or the name of the website. For example, if you add the Wikipedia link for more explanation about Bali Island, use Wikipedia word or Bali Island as the keyword. It will make your blog can be found easier. And, inform your visitor about what they will find in that link. Write a short description before you put the word and link.

  • No Images

Reading a wall of text without images is really boring. You must agree with it, don’t you? Unfortunately, there are still many bloggers that make this mistake. They just write and write, then post it and forget about adding an image that can explain or make the post looks more interesting. So, adding the image will help your visitor feels more comfortable and enjoys reading your post.

But, you can’t just put an image anywhere you want. Make sure you put the image as a part of your blog post. Firstly, place the image on the top of the post. This image should represent the general topic of that post. Then, you can place another image to explain the detail of the specific part of that post. You can place it before the part you want to explain or after that.


Those 4 are common blogging mistakes that you might have done. No need to worry. You can always fix your previous post. Today’s blogging tool is easy to use for this purpose. Then, you also can avoid those mistakes for your next post. Now, you can expect something good, like increasing traffic to your blog.