5 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in 2019


What comes in your mind when we are talking about media? Of course, most of us are thinking about social media, right? It is undeniable that social media has taken a big part and deeper root in our life. It’s like we can’t live a day without it, isn’t it? However, if we have to mention the most popular social media today, the answer will be many. Why? It is simple. There are too many of them, these days. But, we have a list of most popular social media below that will give you an image, who is the biggest one out there.


Facebook can be said as the biggest social media today. With more than 2.23 billion monthly active users, that shows how well social media connect many people from all over the world. This social media offers many features that make communication through the internet become much easier and fun. And with more than 65 million businesses use Facebook, we also see it turn into not only a simple social media. It could be a profiting media for business purpose.


The image and short-video based social media concept have turned Instagram into one of the favorite media to share information for the internet user. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, this social media platform becomes one of the busiest portals in the internet world. It is true that most of the content we can find today is only selfie photos or similar image. However, Instagram keeps the older content of their older user as well. Try to find them and you will find many artistic contents that you never imagined before.


Twitter offers a different concept than the previous two. It offers simplicity in sharing information, news or photo. With the limitation of how many characters you can use on your status text, you have to be smart and creative to create interesting content that can become viral. Many people like this simplicity. Therefore, they use it a lot. Although if we look at from the monthly active user which only around 300 million users but we believe that in 2019, this social media will grow bigger than those two. 


We believe that YouTube will rule the future social media world. This video-based media has changed into one of the strong contenders for the TV today. TV is still the most popular media for watching the news, finding information, and entertainment. But, by looking at the YouTube users numbers growth, every year we can see it show a significant increase.

Moreover, future technology also helps internet user to use video streaming media like YouTube much more comfortable than today. For example, next year, 5G internet technology will be launched to the public. With the up to 60x faster speed than 4G, watching the high-quality video format from this platform won’t be a problem anymore.

That’s not all. Better internet technology also can evolve YouTube into a more advanced information media platform. The best example for this is their Virtual Reality feature. With this feature, you will experience a different way to get information from the internet. And maybe, it will change how we use the internet as the information media.

The video content also makes you have more freedom to create content that can send more detailed as well as an interesting message than other media. Modern people’s mindset always seeks for practicality and easiness in acquiring what they need. And the video is the media that can provide those two things. This is the reason why YouTube, even though its monthly active user isn’t as much as Facebook, has a better chance to grow in the future.

Tik Tok

It once becomes the most downloaded social media app and beat Facebook in the first quarter of 2018. Today, this social media is more popular in Asia. But, we can see that it will change in the future. Once again, simplicity is the key here. You don’t need to make a too long video. The limit is 60 seconds. And you can also add many features, filters, and effect to make your video interesting.

We won’t say that this is the social media for entertaining purpose only. There are many examples of the successful business campaign using Tik Tok as their campaign platform. So, those are the popular social media you can find today. We believe that you have at least one account in one of those platforms that make you know more about the true advantage of those media.