4 Reasons to Watch More TV!


The TV was an essential part of our childhood. Cartoons, live programming, news, and whatnot. It was hard staying away from it. Excessive screen times raised concerns and we started hearing the downside of watching TV. Many years on and we still feel reluctant/guilty watching TV.

The difficult part is staying away from your favorite programs and channels. You like HGTV, NatGeo, the missus likes her own channel list and your children prefer Nickelodeon, Disney and so much more. Before we move on to the topic at hand, wondering how to get such an extensive channel line up? Go to https://www.localcabledeals.com/Spectrum/Gold-Package to get the best TV packages in the country.

Ultra HD screens, HD channels, 3D movies, and life-like sounds, don’t want to miss all this? Read on and find out why you should break the stereotype and keep watching TV and enjoy its benefits.

1.      Reduce stress levels

According to research enjoying your time in front of your television screen can help reduce your stress levels. Interestingly stress and your TV screen time is inversely proportional. Meaning? The more TV you watch the lower your cortisol levels will be. Higher cortisol levels not only cause stress but also linked with other health issues. The list includes high blood pressure, cholesterol, weakened immune system, depression, and weight gain.

Professor Nabi from the University of California, Santa Barbara is the lead author of the study which included 240 young adults. This study also used various genres of channels and programming to study the varying effects.

2.      Creative inspiration

HGTV, DIY programs, reality TV shows and the list goes on, they all give you an inspiration and have something unique to offer. Ideas, creativity and polishing the talents. All of these inspire, motivate and open up a new window that gives you the edge over others to do the same task differently.

This is not all, watching a house improve, seeing chefs chopping vegetables and machines working. They all seem to be oddly satisfying which ultimately send soothing signals to the brain. Inspiring creativity and soothing your nerves. That’s a double win for the TV!

3.      Strengthening your relationship

You are at work all day, come back home have dinner and straight to bed? Where’s the connection with your significant other? The drive to make the ends meet and stress of work can take you away as partners. And if you have a child, you are always on the run. Feeding, cleaning, and chores. There’s always something on your mind.

In the midst of all the responsibilities and hustle, you need time for just the two of you. What best to put your child to bed and watch your favorite show together? Dim the lights scotch close and enjoy the connection in peace. Watch, chat, discuss and strengthen the relationship.

4.      Exposure without traveling

Technology and the internet have removed distances. You are always connected no matter how far your loved one is and you are always aware no matter the origin of the news. That Internet and TV for you. Removing differences and bringing the world together. National Geographic, Animal Planet, Travel channel, and so many others showcase different cultures and traditions right on your screens. You can know everything about a region without ever visiting. Better yet, you plan a better vacation by simply learning from the TV and exposing yourself to what the world has to offer.


Technology has a lot to offer and it is its consumption that defines whether it is beneficial or just a waste of time. While many think TV may be a distraction from what’s important, research suggests otherwise. It aids in learning, expands horizons and maybe even plan holidays. Let go of the stress and watch on!