Useful Tips For Increasing Patient Volume


Running a dental office is anything but easy. Your practice and treatment results can be exceptional, and yet, you can struggle to attract and retain patients. The truth is, there is much more to having a successful dental office than being a good dentist. That is why knowing how to increase patient volume is something every dentist should prioritize. 

The way you manage your office leaves an impression on all of your patients. Thus, it is important that you run it in an organized manner that puts your patients first. Of course, marketing is important as well. So, if you are looking for tips for dental marketing visit, as you’ll find many great ideas there.

Without further ado, here are all the tips and tricks you should know about when it comes to increasing the patent volume of your dental office. 

Ideas On How to Increase Patient Volume

From marketing practices to better patient engagement, here are all the things you need to consider when thinking about how to increase patient volume. 

Figure Out What Makes Your Office Unique

To stand out among other dental offices, you need to figure out what it is that makes your office different from the rest. You might offer a vast number of dental services, or you might specialize in a single one. No matter which option is more true for you, the way you market your services can make all the difference. 

Most people think that advertising an office, in general, is better than advertising a specific service it provides. However, that is not the case. Advertising a specific service or skill will ensure patients looking for said service find your office more easily. Furthermore, your office will stand out more, as it will have less competition. 

Say Goodbye to Traditional Advertising Methods

Though some find that hard to accept, the internet and social media have changed the face of marketing forever. Postcards, newsletters, and brochures do not hold as much weight as they once did if they are not digital. Nowadays, ads on social media and personalized and fun websites are the best way to spread the word about your practice. 

Social media and the internet are great ways to interact with your patients and keep them engaged. Regular posts can build awareness about your office and services and create a devoted community that will welcome new members with open arms. In today’s day and age, that can make you stand out better than traditional advertising methods.

Of course, you should always tailor your ads and marketing strategies to your patients. If you mostly service older patients, combining traditional and modern methods will make more sense. Younger patients look for dentists almost exclusively on the internet. Thus, focusing on social media ads is the way to go if they are your targeted demographic. 

Create an Unforgettable Office Vibe

Your office needs to have personality. The way you treat your patients and staff and the way you interact with them all play an important role in establishing that personality. Patients will always choose an office whose staff is cordial, easy-going, and fun. 

Many people are afraid of the dentist and dread every visit. A relaxed environment and friendly faces can make their experience much better and reduce their anxiety. Thus, they might start to visit your office more regularly than before. They will also refer their friends to your services more easily. 

Interior Design Is Important

Though this might seem unimportant, the way your office looks can also influence your patient volume. Superficial as it may seem, having nice furniture, lots of light, artsy pictures, or plushy pillows can make all the difference. 

When designing your office, do everything in your power to make it warm and welcoming. Use bright colors, as patients often dislike the sterile and hospital-like vibes of white or grey. Of course, be moderate, so it remains tasteful and isn’t too much. 

If you are a pediatric dentist, make sure your office has toys and funny and cute pictures on the walls. Additionally, try to have a designated area where the children can play, draw, or just relax. Visiting the dentist is stressful enough as it is, so a fun environment could help them be less scared. 

Expanding Your Services

If you are wondering how to increase patient volume, expanding your services might also be a good solution. Hiring additional staff that specializes in some new skills can attract new patients who require such skills. Make sure you always stay on top of the needs of your community. Doing so will ensure you know which specialties you should consider introducing or acquiring. 

This expansion doesn’t just include offering more services. You might consider moving to an office with more space or improving the accessibility of your current one. In addition, you can also think about getting some modern equipment that can make your office stand out from all the rest. 

Be Flexible With Payment Option

To be successful and attract new patients, you need to offer a wide variety of payment options. Apart from allowing insurance coverage, it’s important that your patients can pay with credit and debit cards, as well as cash and checks. Varied options will ensure you retain old patients and gain new ones. 

Also, you need to ensure that your patients also have the possibility of special financing. That way, personal financial circumstances will not influence their decisions when it comes to dental care. 

A Few Parting Words

As you have read, there are many things to consider when thinking about how to increase patient volume. From marketing strategies, financing options, and the variety of your services to the way your office looks and feels: everything can make a difference. So, don’t waste any more time. Follow our advice to ensure your office has more patients than ever before.