Tips on How to Maintain Your Smartphone


In this digital era, smartphones have become an item that must be owned by internet users of various ages. Because it is considered very valuable, the smartphone should be maintained well so that you can keep it as long as possible. Thus, you do not spend extra money to buy a new smartphone that may be quite expensive. Then, what usually causes a smartphone to damage? Is there any way to maintain your smartphone?

Actually, the user becomes the main factor causing a smartphone to damage. Most people use their Android phones carelessly. As a result, the age of the cellphone will not be long and it will certainly easily damaged. Here are some tips on how to maintain your smartphone so that it can last much longer.

Use an Original Charger

Using an original charger will certainly have a good impact on the condition of the phone, starting from the USB cable or head, it is strongly recommended to use the original to avoid damage to the smartphone. You should not try to use a fake charger because there are so many shortcomings. For example, it will take a longer time to charge, it can cause the charger head to explode, and many other problems that can potentially damage the hardware.

Install Screen Protector and Softcase

A screen protector and a case are certainly very useful for smartphones. They can minimize screen damage if the cellphone falls to the ground. They are, indeed, useful for protecting the cellphone and make your cellphone last longer. Protecting your cellphone’s screen with tempered glass will make the screen not easy to crack when falling or crushed. This tempered glass screen protector is designed for smartphones that do not have a screen protector from the manufacturer.

Do Not Operate Your Phone when It Is Charged

Actually, this trivial problem can lead to a fatal consequence. Operating your smartphone – for browsing in the Internet or playing games – when a cellphone battery is charged will cause the battery to break quickly. For Android users who want their smartphone to remain durable, it is recommended to avoid playing games when the phone is being charged.

Remove Unimportant Widgets

Besides hardware maintenance, the software also needs to be maintained well so that your Android Smartphone stays durable. Unlike the hardware, the software that must be considered is usually around the application widgets that exist on the smartphone. Irregularly scattered widgets make the operation of your smartphone heavy because these widgets are usually still active in the background without the user realizes about it. It is strongly recommended to delete non-essential widgets, especially on the home screen.

Delete the Unimportant Applications

Most android users may have experienced a slow response or often fail to open applications in their smartphones. One of the reasons is because there is a super heavy application that can consume a large CPU and RAM. If the cell phone specifications are not in accordance with the application installed, it will result in the operation failure. One of the best solutions is to delete the Android application so that the device’s performance returns to normal as usual.

Update the Application to the Latest Version

Some Android mobile users may underestimate the importance of updating application on the latest version. This is so important for the performance of the cellphone itself and also for security protection. Users may often see notifications in the top bar of the Mobile screen telling them that an application must be updated immediately. The functions of updating applications to the latest version are for security, increased performance, additional features, and also fixes bugs from the Android application. Android applications that are always updated will usually be protected from the latest version of the virus that we do not know. In addition, we can enjoy the latest features that have been added by the application software developer.

Install All in One Toolbox Application to Improve Performance

Handling hardware is often considered very simple and easy to do. On the contrary, handling the smartphone’s software is sometimes difficult. But now taking care of the Android application software is no longer a big problem because there are many applications to improve Android performance.

Do not put the cellphone under the pillow

Putting a smartphone under the pillow will cause radiation that could potentially explode the cellphone. It will immediately increase the temperature of the cellphone and make it so hot. You will have to turn it off before the temperature returned to normal.

In conclusion, the main factor causing the cellphone to damage easily is the users who use their phones excessively and do not treat the phones well. As long as you apply the above tips on how to maintain your smartphone, the cellphone will be more durable.