How a Smartphone Affects Your Career


The ubiquity of smartphone today makes it one of the most influential elements of your life. It can affect everything that you have, including your career. It can help you find a suitable career to pursue and help you boost your career efficiency and success, but it can also hurt your career severely. Understand how your smartphone affects your career and you can reap the benefits of your smartphone usage while avoiding its potentially disastrous consequences.

How Your Smartphone Helps You Find a Good Career?

With your smartphone, everything is possible, including finding a good career that you have been dreaming of. There are several ways a smartphone helps you find a good career for you.

1.             It has all the necessary job finding tools.

A smartphone can be equipped with all of the necessary tools to find a good career. You can create a fancy resume in a minute with your smartphone and you can store your portfolio on cloud-based services, such as Dropbox and Behance.

2. It opens up job opportunities.

If you are a job seeker, your smartphone can unfold all job opportunities that are currently available. Through applications like Glassdoor and Canvas to discover suitable jobs and to get yourself discovered by potential employers. You can even jump directly into interviews using TextRecruit and AllyO.

3. It provides you with a social network.

With all popular social media that you can easily reach using your smartphone, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Switch, you can promote yourself, your product, or your service to establish yourself as an entrepreneur or a hired professional.

How Your Smartphone Helps You Boost Your Career

If you already have a career, your smartphone can actually help you boost your career’s success and efficiency.

1.             It has all the basic productivity tools and more.

There are numerous productivity apps that you can run on your smartphone, from basic word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation apps to advanced accounting apps and management planners. Many of those apps are cloud-based, so you can synchronize them with the applications you run on your computer.

2. It allows you to reach your clients and partners more efficiently.

With social media, you can quickly and easily reach your clients, accept their orders, and fulfill their requests. Certain social media apps, such as WhatsApp, have even released a dedicated business-oriented version that you can use solely for business purpose.

3. It motivates you.

Apps like Pocket Mentor can provide you with helpful motivations to get ahead in your career. If you need career inspirations and motivations to maintain your optimism and to avoid despair, your smartphone is always on your side. You can also get motivations from everyone you know when you are down so that you can bounce back when you fall.

How Your Smartphone Hurts Your Career

Despite all the advantages that a smartphone offers to find a good career and to boost one, a smartphone is also considered a big risk for your career. There are several ways your smartphone may hurt your career.

1.             It is a distraction that reduces your productivity.

With a smartphone and all the excitements that it offers nearby, you will be distracted from your job quite frequently. Your productivity will suffer if you cannot resist the temptation. Therefore, it is better to keep your smartphone away when you are doing your job. Use it only if you are free or if you need it.

2. It makes you struggle to maintain concentration.

Frequent use of a smartphone may cause mind-wandering, even if you are not currently using the smartphone. If you are too addicted to your smartphone, you will struggle to maintain your focus when doing your jobs. You will tend to procrastinate and to become more accident-prone if you cannot control your use of your smartphone. Just like other kinds of addiction, smartphone addiction is also dangerous for your career.

3. You will focus more on social media than on social time.

The best interaction, be it personal or professional, is the one you do face-to-face. With social media getting in your way, you will more likely to interact and communicate with your partners and customers through your smartphone than to meet them personally. Remember that communication involves not only a verbal element but also a non-verbal one. If you use only your smartphone to communicate with them, you will miss a lot of messages that they may want to convey. This can lead to miscommunication and even conflict. This is clear proof that using a smartphone without control will hurt you not only personally, but also professionally.