6 Reasons Your Phone Isn’t Ringing with Website Leads


Are you struggling to generate leads? Chances are you might need to make some changes to your website. 

Your website can be judged on a variety of things by your potential customer, but high on the list is their overall experience on your website being positive and ensuring they can find what they need. While good website design is important, ease-of-use, and ensuring everything works is even more vital. If your website lacks any of these elements, visitors will not take the desired action and will probably go to your competitor instead.

1. There’s No “Click to Call” feature on Mobile

Here are the six common reasons why your phone isn’t ringing with website leads: 

“Click to call” is one of the most essential things you can feature on your landing page. When the phone number appears on the website, it encourages your website visitors to call straight from their mobiles by tapping on the phone number. With over 50% of all searches now on mobile, this is imperative for a “quick response.”

When featuring a “Call to Call” option on your landing page, make sure it is easy to find and use.   

2. Your Site Isn’t Mobile Responsive 

In today’s digital age, having a mobile responsive site is a necessity for businesses. This is because an increasing number of consumers today use their mobile devices to get in touch with service providers, read the news, and shop. 

Creating a mobile responsive website ensures that your contact forms, landing pages, and texts are easy-to-read and load fast on mobile. Also, keep in mind that the buttons are big enough and the font size is legible. A mobile responsive website is an excellent strategy to convert visitors into customers wherever they are.

3. You Have The Wrong Phone Number on Your Site

Providing the right phone number details on your website helps to build trust between your audience and your brand. Besides, it allows potential customers to easily contact support and get help regarding the products and services your business offers. 

However, including the wrong phone number, might mislead visitors, and it may result in losing plenty of potential customers. So the website owner needs to check whether the phone number is correctly entered on the website or whether it’s updated or not. Bear in mind that the number you feature on your site is the one that you answer within three rings to ensure you are not missing any leads.  

4. Your Website Has No Social Proof or Testimonials

If you want to increase your conversion rate, build trust with customers, and establish a powerful brand image, you must include elements of social proof on your website. This may include customer testimonials, celebrity endorsements, case studies, Instagram likes, social media shares, and more. 

Additionally, online reviews like Google reviews have become one of the most powerful forms of social proof.  Today, many people largely rely on reviews before making a purchase decision. Not only that, but reviews also serve as social proof for determining what to think about a specific product, business, or service. All in all, having good reviews can have a huge impact on the number of leads. 

5. Your Website Form Isn’t Working 

Having a form on your website that doesn’t work can be extremely frustrating for users and discourage them from exploring your site. So, ensure your website form works properly and does not create any confusion for customers. 

Also, make sure that you have a short form that only asks to fill out minimum details like an email address or a contact number. Remember, you can always ask for more information once you have built a personal connection with your customers. 

6. Your Website Doesn’t Possess SEO Sitemap 

Making sure your website is crawlable by Google is the NUMBER ONE thing we see as a web development agency as to why the phone isn’t ringing. The site has been set to no-follow and no index. This blocks Google from “seeing” and “listing” your website in Google search results and can have a massive impact on your leads. So make sure you have a sitemap and that your site is crawlable by Google.

If nothing seems to work and your lead generation strategy feels stagnant, then start looking at your competitors’ websites and find out what is working for them. This will help you build a fast and forward-thinking website that is specially designed to enhance customer experience and generate leads.