Ultimate Reasons Why Oil Filtration Is Very Important for Your Commercial Fryer


When you’re running a restaurant, cafe, or food stalls, the commercial fryer has become a crucial element of the business operation. It does a great job in helping chefs fry various foods perfectly. However, not all people are aware of the importance of oil filtration for the fryer. Using a commercial fryer oil filter is essential to keep the best performance of the deep fryer and of your food business as well. Here are the reasons why oil filtration is very important for your commercial fryer:

Preserve and Enhance Taste

Once your restaurant kitchen gets busy, the fryer would start frying meals. Each batch of food you cook would leave remains, traces of moisture, and particles that would be burnt and gunk start building up. Without a filter, these build-ups would remain in the oil and decrease the quality and efficiency of the fryer. These would ruin the flavors and result to unexpected food odors. By using commercial fryer oil filter when frying, the oil can optimally cook the ingredients while preserving and enhancing the taste of food.

Make Crispy Results

Have you ever wondered why those big food restaurants can keep their fried dishes crispy with golden brown color all the time? A good commercial fryer oil filter is the secret. The oil would get dirtier and darker through batches that make cooked food less crispy and less crunchy over time. The filter keeps the oil clean and light so you can achieve perfect crispiness no matter what the ingredients are. Besides, why do you need a deep dryer if you don’t want to make those ingredients crispy?

Reduce Cooking Oil Consumption

As you have a big commercial fryer, replacing oil could be costly. Without a filter, your oil would be burnt and be unusable after three days. It means you may have to replace it with new oil twice a week or eight times per month. If you use a commercial fryer filter when frying, you can stretch oil usage up to two times or six days before replacing it. This way, your restaurant can reduce oil consumption by 50% and certainly stretch your profit as well. 

Lower Operational Cost

Fryer’s operation can be costly for a commercial kitchen due to its oil and power consumption. While the filter application can save oil usage by 35%-50%, the same rate of saving can be achieved for energy consumption whether it’s a gas-powered or electric-powered fryer. At this point, you can lower the operational cost of your commercial kitchen significantly. Some high-end commercial fryers already have a built-in filter. There are various filter solutions you can choose from in commercial equipment Brisbane stores.

Prolong Fryer Lifespan

Most commercial kitchen equipment Brisbane suppliers recommend the use of oil filters as a part of the fryer’s preventative maintenance. Along with regular cleaning, filter application can prolong the lifespan of commercial fryers especially the electric-powered ones. If you’re planning to buy a new fryer, you may consider the one with a built-in filter. Otherwise, you can consider a filter paper, filter pot, or portable oil filtration machine for your existing commercial fryer.

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