5 Best VR Gadgets in 2019


VR gadgets provide a bridge between the digital and the real world. With these gadgets, you will no longer feel that your digital environment is a separate entity. With these gadgets, you will feel the immersive sensation of living in your digital world, becoming an integral part of it. The latest VR technology now allows you to enjoy advanced features that will enhance your VR immersion, including eye tracking, higher resolution, inside-out tracking that allows the gadget to see your real environment, and wireless design. These gadgets also become more and more affordable, making them popular devices that are within everyone’s financial reach. If you want to enjoy the awesome VR sensation when watching movies or playing games, here are the five best VR gadgets that you can buy in 2019.

Windows Mixed Reality

The Windows Mixed Reality is a new virtual reality gadget developed by Microsoft. It is quite popular among VR enthusiasts especially because of its lower price, compared with other flagship VR gadgets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. With this gadget, you will not only be able to see your 3D digital world through the goggles but also to interact with it using the included controllers, which are optional but you will miss the gadget’s biggest potentials if you don’t buy them. I call this gadget a VR device instead of an MR device–which it is actually called–because it actually lacks the MR feature that allows you to interact with the real world from within the goggles.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is a result of HTC’s collaboration with Vive, with HTC being a world-class gadget manufacturer and Vive being a game developer and software distribution company. This combination is obviously beneficial for the development of the gadget. You can enjoy the premium experience of using a VR gadget and there will be a big library of games and software applications that you can use with this gadget. The gadget itself consists of a pair of screens with resolution at 1080 x 1200 ADP, more than 70 infrared sensors on the controllers, and external gyroscope, and accelerators which, together with the two lighthouse play stations, precisely detect and track your movements within 15 x 15-foot space.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is one of the two Oculus VR gadgets that are expected to be released shortly. Information about its development is already available on the Oculus website and circulating on the internet. Oculus Quest offers the portability that the Oculus Rift lacks. Although Oculus Quest will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile chip, which is weaker if compared with Oculus Rift’s machine, Oculus Quest can be used without a PC. You don’t need to carry your laptop on your backpack and you don’t need to be tethered all the time to your PC. Hardware-wise, Oculus Quest is equipped with four wide-angle cameras with display resolution at 1600 x 1440 per eye. There are a handful of games that are already developed to be run on this VR gadget.

Roto VR

Roto VR is a gaming chair that will enhance your VR experience. When wearing VR goggles, the eye tracking and gyroscope will allow the goggles to adjust your viewpoint when you turn your eyes or head. The rest of your body, however, still has to move manually. When you want to look back, you have to turn around manually with your entire body. Imagine if you have to do this when you play a driving game or an FPS. With Roto VR, you can be as lazy as you want. This is one of the best VR gadgets that follows the movement of your VR goggles and subsequently your head. If you look to the left, the Roto VR chair will rotate to the left and vice versa.

Axon VR

AxonVR expands your VR experience beyond the limit of what you can see and what you can hear. AxonVR is an exoskeleton suit that gives you the physical feedback of everything that happens in the digital world. This gadget is not released yet, but once it is released, it will surely become one of the best and the most immersive VR gadgets that you can have. With this suit, you can experience not only the whole-body VR enjoyment but also mixed reality enjoyment. While watching the 3D shape in the real world through your goggles, you can feel their surface texture and temperature with your hand. You can feel the virtual wall, rock, and everything that the computer generates. With Axon VR, the barrier between the real world and the digital world will become more and more nonexistent.